Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I flew back on Monday actually, and i've been with Matt ever since.
So im a bit late on the update!

It was amazing, one of the nicest places i've ever been too. Th pictures i took didn't do it justice! I didn't buy anything, i read two books and just major chilled out.
Getting out there was tiresome, having an hours sleep and having to be up at 4am nearly killed me. Not only that, we had to sit on the olane for two hours, they were trying and failing to fix a computer, we still ended up flying ok, just delayed.
We pretty much saw the whole island (it's not that big) and neighbouring island Gozo.
The sun was lush, in fact i've come back with a lovely tan. However thanks to my sunglasses i have a very red/patchy nose and forehead. I hope it goes down by the weekend!

I've got uni tomorrow. Lacking motivation, but i gotta force myself to be productive, so hard when im then off for two weeks!
Going to London this weekend, i don't know why as it's a sup rise. Im guessing it's something to do with the family and my 21st being a week away. Im excited, it's the first time my family will meet Matt. Hopefully we'll have some time to go exploring too.

My week is messed up next week, ideally i'd come back to Leeds and get uni work done and then go back day before my birthday to see rents, then back to Leeds to party. But because of the train strikes, it's thrown it all out and there's still a chance some people can't come. It's major stressing me out, but im trying to keep pos!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Things are pretty messed up in the house right now. It's ctually making me feel so sick i hate it. I can't wait to get away, tomorrow will be amazing.

Got my fabric today, it came to £71. I actually had tears in my eyes, and the thing is i won't get a single penny back from my uni. Even though i have to pay studio fees? Makes so much sense. Not.

I woke up really early today, which was kinda annoying. I need to go to bed stupidly late so i'll sleep tomorrow night, as i've gotta be up at 4.30am for my flight monday morning.

I've done two loads of washing, sorted out my itunes, i need to now shower and pack and at some point do my nails.

I can't wait to see Matty later! <3

This will be my last post, hope you all have a good week. Im excited to see what youi've all been upto when i get back.

Oh, and if you happen to read this, happy 21st for tomorrow Stacie x

Friday, 19 March 2010

So today i FINALLy got given the photos from the photshoot a couple of weeks ago. However, the first year student who did them clearly didn't use the lights correctly, so im a bit pissed at that cos i really need this photos for CVs etc.

Anyways, here's a couple. You get the idea. I really hope my Alexander McQueen inspiration can be seen.

In other news, i made my harem pants today, they are that mashoooosive 2 people can fit in them! Brilliant!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Usual Thursday, really busy in pattern cutting. However, it makes me very happy to say that i've done all 5 blocks and toiles. Now it's just the final garments to make, which i will do when i get back from holiday.
I also scanned 6 of my illustrations in, and roughly colourerd and altered. I'll put some pics up when i've finished them.
Pretty average day really.

I made a spannish omlette for tea, it was yummy!

I need to go on a hoover hunt later, someone tripped the switch last night and no one wanted to go into the basement to sort it out, so in my lovely (questionable) pjs, i knocked on some random neighbours door. The guy was more than happy to help, in exchange for the hoover. But one housemate is clearly not happy about it and has been bitching all day. For god sake, the house is a state anyway, now you wanna hoover?

Major chill out tonight, i need to start packing. I hate packing.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Well my mum came up today, it's always nice spending time with her! I couldn't shop cos I'm stupidly skint it's awful! I had to give her some money to get my fabrics at the weekend, and the rest of the money i own is train fair to uni and back. I did get some cute shorts from Primark, they're for the holiday though.
We went for lunch and Starbucks!
She brought my birthday dress up. I'm so happy with it, it's sooo lush!

I did my 6 final illustrations last night, I'm pleased with them I'll scan them into illustrator on Thursday to make them look more professional.

Things are pretty shit in the house again, i can't wait until Sunday.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

This Website

I really thought Blogspot would be a great website, a perfect idea to express feelings and chat to new people with same interests.
It has however turned into one massive popularity contest.
Why are some people so arrogant on here?
Everyone is equal. It's about time you realised that.
Stop thinking you're so much better than me, in reality you're probably just as miserable as i am.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Had an amazingly busy day at Uni yesterday. I was on my feet for 6 and a half hours and stopped for 5 mins to eat an apple. I managed to do the block patterns for the skirt and crop top, and make them up in rough. I'm going in on Monday to make the Maxi dress, and i'll wait until Thursdays lesson to do the Harem pants, as i seriously need help with those. I didn't get home until late, so ordered a takeaway and then myself and Matt went to see Alice In Wonderland, it was really good. Would of been much better if it wasn't Disney PG. Tim Burton could of really gone to town and made it so messed up.
But the costumes and make up we're stunning.

I went to the market today to try and buy some fabric, had no luck whatsoever. Im going to have to order from the place i got the swatches from in Leiceter, luckily my parents said they'd go and pick it up for me which was amazing of them. Did some food shopping for the week and totally chilled out this afternoon. However whilst cooking dinner i did see a cheeky little mouse run across the kitchen floor, not so impressed. Didn't see it again either. I'll ring the landlord on Monday and see if someone can come out.

I'm going to major work on my sketchbooks this weekend, it's making me feel sick knowing i've got this 3000 word essay to do too.
Can't wait for Mum to come up on Tuesday, hopefully get some bits for the holiday next weekend! Yay!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I brought the dress, i couldn't resist. I've had it sent home so hopefully it'll arrive before Mum comes up on Tuesday.
I washed my bed sheets today, i hate making my bed. Im useless at it.
Whilst i did it, i knocked my laptop and i've messed my screen up. I haven't cracked the screen, but i've hit the LCDs and now i have what looks like a massive purple paint spoldge in the right hand corner. Apparently it's repairable, and would set me back around £60 which i guess isn't that bad.
Can't believe i did that though, im so stupid. Grrrr.

Uni tomorrow, still got stuff to do tonight and i majaor cannot be bothereed.
Roll on the weekend!


My beautiful New Look cream lace dress arrived today.
If i could marry it, i would. It's beautiful!!
Deff wearing it to uni tomorrow so i'll try and take a picture!

I need to go to the shop today to stock up on the usuals, bread, milk, fruit etc.
I've not decided what uni work i want to do, i'm really not in the mood but that's not really a good excuse. I've got PPD stuff to write up and post on my uni blog.
Oh, and order some photos for my sketchbook.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

After months of feeling shit, having chest/back pains, headaches and heart heart palpations. Countless trips to the hostpital and mulitple blood tests ONE doctor has finally found out what's wrong with him.
One of his disks on his spine is out of place and has been putting pressure on his nerves.
4 months ago he fell down the stairs, it was nothing bad, infact he laughed it off. Who'd of known the damage it had done.
So all those times i got angry at him, called him a drama queen and generally thought he was overracting, he was actually in so much pain.

Wow. Don't i feel like a bitch.

He says i wasn't, infact i was lovely. But still, arghh :(

Monday, 8 March 2010

I didn't get to sleep until half 2 last night, my Desperate Housewives obsession has taken over my life, again.
Major effort getting up today, but i did, eventually, and caught the train into uni.
I made up one of the tops in rough, along with the crop top. Only a skirt, harem pants and a maxi dress to go. I wanted to book a slot to do some screen printing today but the guy wasn't in. Annoyingly it sets me back a week. I also need to purchase my fabrics, but i can't do that until I've done my experiments.
Laura came in too, she showed me Ellie Goulding- Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix) on her ipod and my gosh it's amazing! I can't stop playing it.
Got home just in time for Matt to come over and i made us pasta.

I'm still suffering really badly with my throat. Ever since i was about 16 i started having really bad glandular fever and tonsillitis, and it got so bad last year i had to go to hospital. I had my tonsils taken out in July but I've had no end of problems since, I've had 6 loads of blood tests and they still can't find what's wrong. I think I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact i will always have problems with my throat, and always be in pain. Today just happens to be a really bad day for it.

I'm in my jammies, listening to some random tunes on my itunes. I'm going to try and have an early night tonight. My dress is coming on Wednesday, i can't wait!
Vogue arrived today, probably the highlight of my day actually.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Uni on Friday was good, we did a photo shoot for sculpture dresses. FINALLY. Hopefully I'll get some copies soon.
Also decided on my fabric for each of my garments, this is a major weight lifted. Feeling quite alright about the work load, i do think it's to do with the weather though.
Stayed at Matts Friday, we ended up having one of our 4 hour discussions about something or another, they happen quite often. We didn't get chance to watch a film, so we watched War Of The Worlds on Saturday afternoon, came back to mine and he cooked a lovely home made curry. Nomnomnom.

Today has been good, I've been in a cleaning mood and right now I'm sitting on my bed in my amazingly tidy room.
I have my candles burning and my incense making my room smell lush.
I cooked a Sheppard's pie for dinner, I'm a right little housewife, makes me laugh really.
Matts not very well at the mo, but he's a man. Driving me slightly bonkers.
No ones been in the house today, bar one. So i thought I'd hoover the whole 3 storey house. When i don't do something i get criticized, i don't need approval for doing something as simple as hoovering, unlike some other people who need praising for washing a fork. Well done.

I'm going into uni tomorrow, I've already made one block but need to make another 4, and make them up in rough soon as possible. Deadline will come around so soon.
But knowing i don't have to be in makes me feel good about going in.

My dress arrived yesterday, however no one answered the door. HA. So I'm going to have to ring up tomorrow and get it redelivered.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

I love everything to do with space, I love all films in space, i love looking at photos and watching videos. The majority of nights i spend with Matt we have hours of conversations about what goes on outside our solar system, time and mass. We also hope for clear nights so when we're laying in bed we can see the beautiful balls of light through his skylight.
So yeah, I'm not only interered in one subject such as fashion, I actually have a bigger obsession with ours and other universes.
I guess I'm a massive geek really.
Isn't it amazing to think we're all made up from stardust?

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Had a good few days, mainly been doing my sketchbook. Should of started my essay but i just can't get motivated. If i had Desperate Housewives on dvd i don't think it'd be so bad, but as its on my laptop it's not like i can do it whilst watching.
Stayed at Matts last night, was lush as always. We watched the imaginarium of doctor parnassus. Very strange, not sure what to make of it really.

Decided to go into town today, i saw a GORGEOUS lace dress from New Look in yesterdays Look magazine, at £28 it's a bit too much for what i like to spend but i've had a £15 voucher i've been saving for emergencies.
Obviously, it wasn't in store. ANYWHERE. The one in Leeds is pretty decent too.
But as i'd seen it on their website ealier i knew i'd be alright getting it when i got home, just annoying with the £4 postage.

Took a trip to Primark too, didn't see much i liked. Prices are starting to increase now, never a good sign. Did treat myself to some tights.
I also got a salmon ''I <3 and="and" as="as" been="been" br="br" can="can" cute="cute" i="i" is="is" it.="it." long="long" love="love" new="new" ny="ny" safely="safely" say="say" sleeved="sleeved" so="so" to="to" top="top" ve="ve" which="which" york="york">
I've had an absolute killer headache all afternoon, making me feel so sick.
It's just starting to go.
Tonight im going to tidy my room, shower and get my bag sorted for tomorrow. I'ts going to be a busy day!

I've found a gold sequin dress on ebay for £5, at the mo anyways! Ending soon. Im debating!

Monday, 1 March 2010


Had an amazing weekend at home, makes me sad to be back in Leeds.

Had a major busy day at uni Friday, productive though. I've come up with my 6 final design silhouette which means i can start doing my block patterns, and i can start to develop the embellishments, trims and threads in my sketchbook.
I had to major rush to get my connecting train, the one leaving Harrogate was late because of the torrential train that hit us, because of that i had 2 mins to RUN and make my train. I managed to make it, but was greeted with 2 very rude business men who clearly think booking seats is a stupid idea and an Australian woman who was stupid enough to get on the earlier train and accused me of being in her seat. No darling, you're in mine.
As you can imagine i was over the moon to see my Dad waiting for me, and Mum had a cuppa on the table for me when i got in.
Went to Leicester on Saturday morning, managed to find a lovely little place on one of the backstreets in a high populated Asian area. I spent £24 and got 6 different quarter metre colours, enough to do samples on, 5 lots of trims and 20 different beads. I feel loads better now, i can make a real start and actually get somewhere.

Major chilled out yesterday. Had a massive clear out of my wardrobe and Mums and Dads. Nabbed some of my dads old shirts, they are amazing. Look so good with leggins, also nicked one of mums jumpers with a massive cat on it, soooo cute!
Everything we threw away is going to charity.
After the football, me and Dad made a hazelnut, coffee and chocolate cake. Not a masisve fan of nuts so it was wasted on me. Was good to make though!

I got in around lunchtime today and was so sleepy, i've only just woke up. I've been to Salisbury's and got my weekly supplies and now im ready for a good few days of doing work.
First thing is to print a million pages from WGSN.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Can't believe it's March! BRILLAINT!
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