Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I brought the dress, i couldn't resist. I've had it sent home so hopefully it'll arrive before Mum comes up on Tuesday.
I washed my bed sheets today, i hate making my bed. Im useless at it.
Whilst i did it, i knocked my laptop and i've messed my screen up. I haven't cracked the screen, but i've hit the LCDs and now i have what looks like a massive purple paint spoldge in the right hand corner. Apparently it's repairable, and would set me back around £60 which i guess isn't that bad.
Can't believe i did that though, im so stupid. Grrrr.

Uni tomorrow, still got stuff to do tonight and i majaor cannot be bothereed.
Roll on the weekend!


  1. I'm the most clumsy person at the most inconvenient times, so I totally understand your frustration, haha
    I hope you can get it fixed!

  2. My boyfriend bought a new laptop about two months ago and a few weeks back, he dropped it but it fell with such a force!! When he turned it back on, the whole entire screen was cracked right to left about 5 times & it's going to cost about £120 to get a new screen but he just saved up to buy it :(
    Hope you get your screen fixed soon, lovely xoxo


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