Sunday, 7 March 2010

Uni on Friday was good, we did a photo shoot for sculpture dresses. FINALLY. Hopefully I'll get some copies soon.
Also decided on my fabric for each of my garments, this is a major weight lifted. Feeling quite alright about the work load, i do think it's to do with the weather though.
Stayed at Matts Friday, we ended up having one of our 4 hour discussions about something or another, they happen quite often. We didn't get chance to watch a film, so we watched War Of The Worlds on Saturday afternoon, came back to mine and he cooked a lovely home made curry. Nomnomnom.

Today has been good, I've been in a cleaning mood and right now I'm sitting on my bed in my amazingly tidy room.
I have my candles burning and my incense making my room smell lush.
I cooked a Sheppard's pie for dinner, I'm a right little housewife, makes me laugh really.
Matts not very well at the mo, but he's a man. Driving me slightly bonkers.
No ones been in the house today, bar one. So i thought I'd hoover the whole 3 storey house. When i don't do something i get criticized, i don't need approval for doing something as simple as hoovering, unlike some other people who need praising for washing a fork. Well done.

I'm going into uni tomorrow, I've already made one block but need to make another 4, and make them up in rough soon as possible. Deadline will come around so soon.
But knowing i don't have to be in makes me feel good about going in.

My dress arrived yesterday, however no one answered the door. HA. So I'm going to have to ring up tomorrow and get it redelivered.


  1. hello darling!
    youu own a house, im so jealouss. Im practically broke it's insssaaane! not to make things weird or anything but Matt's my favourite boy name 8D
    UNI! omgoshh im soooooooo jealous. i cant wait till im in uni. i live in australia so i want to get out cuz it's a massive hole..
    whereabouts are you? I'm thinking about America.. or London College of Arts?
    ++ War of the Worlds is so gory i cringe when i watch it.. my favourite horror thriller is probably Homecoming, it was never released but the bessst movie ever.

  2. Ohh! Take photos of your dress, I'm excited :)


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