Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Had a good few days, mainly been doing my sketchbook. Should of started my essay but i just can't get motivated. If i had Desperate Housewives on dvd i don't think it'd be so bad, but as its on my laptop it's not like i can do it whilst watching.
Stayed at Matts last night, was lush as always. We watched the imaginarium of doctor parnassus. Very strange, not sure what to make of it really.

Decided to go into town today, i saw a GORGEOUS lace dress from New Look in yesterdays Look magazine, at £28 it's a bit too much for what i like to spend but i've had a £15 voucher i've been saving for emergencies.
Obviously, it wasn't in store. ANYWHERE. The one in Leeds is pretty decent too.
But as i'd seen it on their website ealier i knew i'd be alright getting it when i got home, just annoying with the £4 postage.

Took a trip to Primark too, didn't see much i liked. Prices are starting to increase now, never a good sign. Did treat myself to some tights.
I also got a salmon ''I <3 and="and" as="as" been="been" br="br" can="can" cute="cute" i="i" is="is" it.="it." long="long" love="love" new="new" ny="ny" safely="safely" say="say" sleeved="sleeved" so="so" to="to" top="top" ve="ve" which="which" york="york">
I've had an absolute killer headache all afternoon, making me feel so sick.
It's just starting to go.
Tonight im going to tidy my room, shower and get my bag sorted for tomorrow. I'ts going to be a busy day!

I've found a gold sequin dress on ebay for £5, at the mo anyways! Ending soon. Im debating!

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  1. love your fashion buys!



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