Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I flew back on Monday actually, and i've been with Matt ever since.
So im a bit late on the update!

It was amazing, one of the nicest places i've ever been too. Th pictures i took didn't do it justice! I didn't buy anything, i read two books and just major chilled out.
Getting out there was tiresome, having an hours sleep and having to be up at 4am nearly killed me. Not only that, we had to sit on the olane for two hours, they were trying and failing to fix a computer, we still ended up flying ok, just delayed.
We pretty much saw the whole island (it's not that big) and neighbouring island Gozo.
The sun was lush, in fact i've come back with a lovely tan. However thanks to my sunglasses i have a very red/patchy nose and forehead. I hope it goes down by the weekend!

I've got uni tomorrow. Lacking motivation, but i gotta force myself to be productive, so hard when im then off for two weeks!
Going to London this weekend, i don't know why as it's a sup rise. Im guessing it's something to do with the family and my 21st being a week away. Im excited, it's the first time my family will meet Matt. Hopefully we'll have some time to go exploring too.

My week is messed up next week, ideally i'd come back to Leeds and get uni work done and then go back day before my birthday to see rents, then back to Leeds to party. But because of the train strikes, it's thrown it all out and there's still a chance some people can't come. It's major stressing me out, but im trying to keep pos!


  1. Just searched for the post where you came to Malta :) Glad you enjoyed your time here! x

  2. Really nice places. Thanks for sharing your vacation. lovely post.
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