Tuesday, 9 March 2010

After months of feeling shit, having chest/back pains, headaches and heart heart palpations. Countless trips to the hostpital and mulitple blood tests ONE doctor has finally found out what's wrong with him.
One of his disks on his spine is out of place and has been putting pressure on his nerves.
4 months ago he fell down the stairs, it was nothing bad, infact he laughed it off. Who'd of known the damage it had done.
So all those times i got angry at him, called him a drama queen and generally thought he was overracting, he was actually in so much pain.

Wow. Don't i feel like a bitch.

He says i wasn't, infact i was lovely. But still, arghh :(


  1. Don't worry! You didn't know whether or not the pain was even real. Boys tend to worry about such little things for absolutely no reason so don't blame yourself.


  2. Guys aren't usually like girls; if he says it's okay and that you weren't a bitch, he's telling the truth. One of the very few things men do better than us actually :) Glad to hear he's okay.
    xx. Peach Princess ♥


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