A few of these products I've had for a while which are rediscovers and others are brand new which i can't get enough of.


Tea Tree is one of my favourite scents. I have pretty much the whole tea tree collection from The Body Shop and every now and again i'll go back to their products, this month it's been the facial wash. A lovely wake up call in the morning. I've been using a day cream from The Body Shop but it's recently ran out so i headed to my samples draw and pulled out this Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme by Estee Lauder. I have noticed such a difference with my complexion, my skin is a lot brighter and i've noticed my under eyes aren't as dark. Obviously i can't say it's solely down to this, but i would be tempted to place a tiny bet on that being the reason. I know this isn't cheap, i know it will be out of a lot of peoples budgets but if you can spare the pennies then it is worth investing in. I picked up Lush's Mask Of Magnaminty towards the start of the month, I've used a lot of their masks over the years but i wanted something new to try which was good all round. This multi-purpose mask is perfect for me as i have relatively good skin, but during a certain time of the month it could do with a helping hand. Made with peppermint oil, honey and vanilla with evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate this mask is a lovely little treat for my skin. You can use this anywhere too, it's not specifically designed for the face. New from Benefit is Majorette, a natural peachy creme blush which can be used as a base for your favourite blush or used on it's own. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with creme blushers, I've tried some absolute belters but then tried others which lasted about an hour, rubbish. This however is up there with the good ones, all hail Benefit once again! I've been using this a lot in October, which i'm sure you can see. It gives me really natural healthy looking cheeks and it's still giving me colour at the end of the day. I have tried this with Coralista but i personally prefer it on it's own. It's quite heavily scented which i know won't be to everyone's taste but it doesn't bother me and it's currently my go to blush first thing in the morning. 

I have a couple of lip products for October, up first are these lipsticks from Lidl. I've never actually tried beauty products from Lidl but after receiving a lovely little parcel i decided to give them a go. They're quite pigmented, but not as true as the colour in the picture but that suits me better. They give a lovely shine with hint of gold. At only £1.99 these are a right bargain. I'd be really interested in trying more products from Lidl! The other lip product i've been using is Max Factor Lipfinity, this product has been brillaint for the days where I've been suffering with dry lips as the balm keeps them moistured but locks the colour in too. I recently used this on a night out and it was brilliant, i hardly had to touch it up! This one is in shade 335 but there are 25 to choose from.




Coatigan: Miss Foxy Trousers: Miss Foxy Top: Front Row ShopBag: H&M | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Shoes: Primark  Hat: eBay

I've had these photos sat in a saved post for nearly a month now but i totally forgot about them! Usually i'd kick myself  for forgetting but It's worked out quite well actually! The coatigan (which is my new fave piece) and trousers are from Miss Foxy which is relaunching today (around 2pm! but they do already have an eBay store) and are very kindly giving you guys a 15% discount with the code VIP15. See, maybe it was meant to be! I wore this outfit to the Lush Christmas event i went to last month and dinner & drinks with a friend so i wanted something nice but casual and this fits the part.

I can't believe we're at the end of October already. I feel like i say this all the time, but time is literally slipping away from me at the moment. I was a bit of a rubbish blogger last week, i'm finding it hard to get a right balance of work, blog and social life but i'm hoping to get on top of stuff. I have a few holiday days to use up too so i'm hoping i can spend a full week blogging soon! Myself and Jenny headed up North to Bradford on Friday to shoot some outfits at a hotel which was a brilliant day, i'll be doing a post about that soon. I have some lovely and exciting things happening with my blog at the moment and i can't wait to tell you all about them.

Yesterday afternoon i headed in to Nottingham for a bra fitting, it's been a long time since i had a propa one. It turns out, like most woman, i was wearing totally the incorrect size and have gone from 34 E to 30 F! Hopefully that'll make bra shopping a little bit easier. I also met up with a friend and headed to Las Iguanas for dinner and cocktails, I've never been before but i really enjoyed it and will certainly be visiting again. 

For the rest of the day i'm going to be sat in my joggers and hoody whilst trying to tackle my blog post list! Tomorrow i'm off out for dinner and cinema which i'm looking forward too, i went to see Gone Girl a couple of weeks ago which was awesome! I love going to the cinema but it's just so bloomin' expensive! 

photos by Jenny Sneap




During the last week I've been running a competition with F&F where you guys got to send me style dilemmas on Twitter and i had to pick one to answer with items from the F&F website. I had soooo many tweets and i really wish i could answer them all, but the one i thought would be most helpful was the one from Chloe where she asked ''How can i bring some brighter colours in to my wardrobe but keep that A/W feel?'' I thought this is something a lot of people maybe think about and could hopefully help some others out too so i hope you like what I've picked and it maybe inspires you a little bit when it comes to updating that A/W wardrobe!




Oh hello 3rd Halloween post with still one more to come! This one is all about Halloween nails, which are super easy and cheap to do. I'm not dressing up this year (sad sad times) but i want to have a little nod to my favourite night of the year so I've decided to give myself some themed nails for the big night. I featured these decals in my wishlist post  and purchased them straight away, they arrived within 2 days and i knew the perfect shade to go with these would be Vivid Vermillion by Max Factor. Obviously this is just a test run, as much as i love Halloween i'm not rocking these at the moment but i wanted to show you so you have enough time to snap some up too! These gel polishes are awesome by the way, incredibly long lasting and chip free! I've been rocking Sheen Merlot this month. There's currently a 3 for 2 offer on Max Factor products at the mo too, go go go!

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