Nail It UK is a brilliant eBay store run by the lovely Jade, who designs and hand paints awesome patterns on to falsies. These two sets arrived the other day, they're so much more beautiful in real life and she's done a super job! Stiletto nails have been becoming increasingly popular thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner and although probably a little impracticable for every day, for a night out they're perfect! I'm so happy with these and i'll certainly be stocking up on other designs soon! 




Top: New Look | Skirt: New Look | Shoes: New Look

I love 1960s fashion. I always have done actually; I remember doing a whole project on the fashion for my A Level Textiles project all those years ago and loved every minute of it. I designed and made a shift dress, which at the time felt like an incredible achievement and it was there, I decided that fashion design was the way to go. After making that shift dress I never thought a few years later I’d be designing and making a 6 piece collection and graduating with a 2:1 in fashion design and production.

It’s a trend which has always given a little nod to fashion throughout the years but it’s making a big comeback this year. Although the 70s are everywhere, the 60s are subtly there too. You can stock up on your pastel trouser suits, shift dresses, miniskirts and knee high boots straight from the high street and rock it like you grew up the 60s.

Personally, I always tend to gravitate to pieces which are very 60s inspired and this outfit is right up there. I think the styles and shapes flatter my figure and it’s a trend I always feel comfortable wearing. It’s such a versatile way of dressing too and I think everyone can get involved with it in some way.

New Look kindly invited me to take part in their bloggers timeline where I got to style up a decade with their current in store items. I jumped at the chance to feature 60s and put my own little spin on it and I’m really happy with my picks. I feel like I’ve put a modern touch to a classic fashion decade which broke the rules of fashion.  Pillbox hats off to you Mary Quant and Jackie Kennedy, the fashion world would be a lot different today if it wasn't for you both! 

Here's the New Look fashion timeline.

photos by Jenny Sneap



Cafe Culture is the new fragrance collection from Yankee Candle. We have Pain Au Raisin, Cappuccino Truffle and Tarte Tatin. You all know i'm a big fan of Yankee Candle, i dread to think how many of their candles i own and there's always one burning in my house. But this collection has got to be my all time favourite. I'm not usually a massive fan of sweet scents, but there's something different about these. They're not sugary sweet. they're rich sweet and to me, that makes a real difference. I love the smell of coffee and coffee cake is my guilty pleasure, so you can only imagine my delight at Cappunccio Truffle. It smells like it sounds, it's an absolute dream fragrance to be honest. Pain Au Raisin is again wonderful, it smells like you live in a bakery. Cinnamon and vanilla is a lovely Sunday morning fragrance when you're doing all your housey jobs. Finally, a bit more fruity than the other two is Tarte Tatin, imagine you've just baked an apple tart and you've got it spot on. Again, it's more of a rich scent instead of sugary. I love these 3 scents, i'd certainly re purchase once they've burnt out.  

I've made myself incredibly hungry after writing this! 

To celebrate the launch of the new collection, Yankee Candle are offering you guys a chance to win a break for two. Click here for more information. Ends 31/05.




I firmly believe that we live in a world where the princess meets her prince charming and they live happily ever after. When i first met my boyfriend he said i live in a fairy tale and i guess he's right. but hopefully I'm on the yellow brick road for my happily ever after. I'm also a bit of a dreamer, i imagine the perfect white room where all my pretty dresses can live, and how i can eat an entire coffee cake (absolute fave!) and not put on a million stone, or that I can jet off to some remote island at the drop of a hat. But that's all it is, a dream. In reality love my little life, i love everything I've built for myself  and sometimes that's better than the dream. The Nina Ricci Candy house is built for fairytale living, created for us dreamers for a place to imagine and explore in a magical setting. Follow the pink carpet through the Les Delices De Nina game, then on the house where you can pick from sweet flavours to create your own sherbet (I went with strawberry) and then finally be pampered with a manicure with Essies popular pink polishes, I had a lovely girl called Mesha who did mine. 

If you're a big sweet fan then you will love Les Delices De Nina. When I say it's sweet, i mean it's really sweet. With citrus notes of mandarin orange and lemon, which then blend into a sweet and fruity heart of strawberry and caramel. Soft base notes are that of praline, white musk and raspberry. The scent is housed in a bubble gum pink version of the signature apple bottle with a golden top to symbolise the melting caramel. If you're a girly girl, this is a must have for you and you'll love it. Personally it's not my thing, it's a bit too sweet for me. But i love the whole story behind it and that bottle looks hella cute on my dresser! 

Don't forget you can still enter to win your own magical box of goodies!  

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