Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I used to swear by TIGI products in my teenage years, they'd always be the products I'd save to buy. I think it was the 'cool' bright packaging which always attracted me, plus they always did what I needed like creating the biggest back comb ever in my scene years! Over the years I must admit I've not really used anything from them, opting to try other brands instead but when I got the chance to try them again my teenage self nodded in excitement and couldn't wait to try the Party Girl set.

The set includes:
After-Party SmoothingCream 100ml, Headrush Shine Spray 200ml and Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray 300ml. Whether it’s a bar, nightclub or house party, if you want your hair to impress, this is the perfect trio of products. Apply After Party to wet or dry hair to remove frizz and fly-aways, creating silky smooth hair. After blow-drying, spray Headrush through your hair to create intense shine. Spray it in using a hairdryer to further enhance texture and separation. Finish the look with Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray for massive shine with serious hold!

Unfortunately, Sally is out of stock of Party Girl set at the moment but you can buy them all individually. There's also some other pretty awesome brands such as Nip & Fab, Ardell and Schwarzkopf Professional available too. Order before 4pm and recieve free delivery on orders over £20!

Which TIGI product is your favourite?



Monday, 1 February 2016


Week 3 back on Slimming World was ok, I maintained this week which I'm a little bit disappointed but I didn't exercise enough and I went out for dinner twice so it's not surprising really haha. So, it's 3lbs in 3 weeks which is still a loss and not a gain so I can't complain too much. 

Apart from my two meals out this week I've enjoyed Slimming World Chicken Kiev which is a favourite and I've added hard boiled eggs to my mid morning snack which I've actually really been enjoying. I've also tried a few of the Iceland meals but I'll do a post on those another time, but so far I can really recommend the soups and meatball pasta which make a nice lunch alternative. I visited my parents on Saturday and raided their Slimming World recipe books and found a couple of recipes to try this week. I'm out for dinner and drinks Wednesday night but hopefully that won't effect me too much as I'll be exercising more. 

Fit For Feb! So, I've decided to exercise every day this month. I've taken measurements today and I'll compare them on the 29th. I'm tempted to not weigh myself this month either but then that kinda makes these posts pointless so I'm not sure! But i'm excited! I also enjoyed Spinning a lot more this week, although my thighs are now in pieces and it hurts to move! 

Favourite meal last week?  It's got to be Chicken Kiev.
Learnt anything new? Lots of new recipes to try over the next few weeks.
Complete last weeks aims? Nope! I still carbed up. 
Aims for this week?  Meal out aside, 0 syns. 
Any new dishes to try? Spinach and ricotta pie 
Wanting to lose? At least 1 would be great!
Time active? 1h 15mins

Retake Week Three/ - Maintain

Retake Total loss: 3lbs

Thursday, 28 January 2016


We've all had our fair share of beauty boxes over the years haven't we? But here's something new for you... a drinks box! I'm all over this let me tell you! With the help of Micro Bar Box, each month you can get a mini bar deviled to your front door, what's not to like? January's box is a low calorie which suits me fine whilst I'm on Slimming World, although I can imagine a really sweet girly cocktail one would go down a right treat!

You can choose to have the Monthly Tasting BoxThe Birthday Box, 7 Gin Heaven and Valentines For Him plus loads of others too! You can also have a 3 month subscription as well as buy gift cards, which I think is a fantastic idea for those who like to try different drinks each month.

But for today, Micro Bar Box have very kindly offered for one of you guys to win the January box! Please only enter if you live in the UK and are 18 or over. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Ok, so I get a lot of emails. A lot of blanket emails to be precise, most of them aren’t of any interest to me and in the trash they’ll go, however one from Beauty Bay caught my eye and I continued to read on.

Did you know that Eyebrow products and makeup brushes are now the UK’s top sellers as sales soar? Whilst old favourites such as false tan and lashes sales fall dramatically, showing we are an enhancing’ nation, and no longer about ‘faking it.’ I’m all for that ladies!

Conducted by Beauty Bay, a study reveals Cara Delevingne’s famous brows and Kim K’s contoured features have majorly impacted the way women buy products. Brow products now result to 25% of all makeup sales across the country, closely followed by makeup brushes, resulting in 1 in every 5 purchases.
Further statics reveal:
v  London is revealed as the biggest spending region, closely followed by Lancashire.

v  Liverpool ladies are known for fake tan appreciation, but it’s actually Yorkshire and the North East who spend the most bronzing up.

v  Essex girls no longer go for the tan, with Northumberland and WAG inspired Cheshire topping the list.

v  In fact, Essex girls spend more on nail polish than any other UK city, purchasing pink more than any other shade.

v  However, the ‘scouse brow’ stereotype remains true: Merseyside officially spend the most money on eyebrow products.

v  Scottish women buy significantly more foundation than anywhere else in the UK, covering up their skin, whilst the West Midlands buy the least foundation, opting for au natural.

v  The South West region have the biggest liking for lipstick, with ladies in Somerset and surrounding areas spending 4% more on their pouts than the national average.

They’ve been put together an interactive beauty map where you can see which are the top 10 products for each region which you can see here, It’s actually really interesting so check it out.

After looking at the map I visited the Beauty Bay website for a little browse and well, let’s just say I now have a shopping basket full of beauty goodies ready for pay day on Friday. I’ve put together a few items from my basket above with links below if you want to shop them too.

What make up products/tools do you spend most of your money on?


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