I didn't get weighed last week, I ended up having a really busy week in one way or another so I wasn't able to make group and my social life meant I wasn't able to stay on plan 100%. I knew i'd eventually have a gain which I have had this week, but it was only +1lbs which i don't think is too bad in two weeks. I've massively cut down on HexB too which i think has made a massive difference. 

On to what I've been eating in the past two weeks. Well, a lot more syns than i should have done, and a lot more alcohol too, raspberri vodka is my weakness! I've actually been off work this week on annual leave so my meals have been all over the place with a couple of meals out thrown in. I'm totally out of my routine so staying on plan has been difficult, so in one way i'm looking forward to going back to work on Monday! I picked up the new magazine last night too which has a recipe guide so i'm looking forward to going through that. I've had a really good couple of weeks, but i'm looking forward to getting back on the wagon and get my weight loss back on track. I did try scrambled egg and salmon for breakfast at work, but i wasn't a fan. The egg was nice but salmon not so much and it's kinda put me off. I'll stick to my fruit and yogurt i think!

Favourite meal last week? I've had two roast dinners and they were awesome!
Learnt anything new? I can still have a social life and not put on a stone!
Complete last weeks aims? I didn't have any aims last week.
Aims for this week? To stay on plan 100%, well, from today anyway so 5 days!
Any new dishes to try? I'm going to have a look through the little recipe book with Octobers Slimming World magazine and give something a go from there.
Wanting to lose? I'd like to lose at least what I put on, so minimum 1lbs but anything above would be a bonus!

Week One -3lbs
Week Two -3lbs
Week Three -1.5bs
Week Four -0.5lbs

Total loss: 8lbs




I've just realised I've never actually posted about my new Valentino Rock Stud replicas, opps! They make a nice friend for the two buckle ones I have. I've had these beauties a couple of months now and i still love them just as much as the day they arrived through my letterbox! They're super comfy and super easy to walk in, I've worn them on days and nights out as they're easy to dress up and dress down. I now want a pair in every colour, but which colour do i get next?




I picked up The Body Shop Warming Mineral Face Mask last month at the Spa Of The World event and I've used it a handful of times since. It's a really strange product as it quite literally warms up as soon as it hits your skin, it's not unpleasant but i didn't expect it to have quite the reaction it did, however as soon as it's warmed up it cools down so doesn't become unconformable. I think because it warms up it really does feel like it's bringing out those pores and giving you a deep clean. I put this on 5 mins before a shower and then rinse off. Really love this product! Another skincare product I've really been liking is this Kore Restorative Day Cream.This has replaced my primer as i find it gives a nice base for foundation and it's full of vitamin E which i love and leaves my skin looking really healthy and hydrated. This product aims to reduce the signs of aging and the appearance of lines, although I haven't had any experience of that yet as it's only been a month, i'll continue to use it and let you know. 

They're Real has been my favourite mascara for a while and I keep going back to it. I had been using Roller Lash which is fab by the way, but i had a brand new one of this sitting in a drawer so when i ran out, i bought 'They're Real' back out. I'll probably end up getting Roller Lash next time, it's a close call between the two, they're both really good mascaras. 

When it comes to cream blushers, i have a bit of a love hate relationship with them. I've tried my fair share of them and some are fantastic and some, not so much. Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Blush Balm in Papaya however, is amazing, It is a very light and natural product and as you can imagine, gives you just a 'pop' of colour. It's easy to build and works wonderfully as a base for powder blushes too. This is by far my favourite ever cream blush!

Dry shampoo is a must have, am i right ladies? I can't live without mine on those early mornings when washing your hair just isn't going to happen. So i'm always happy to try new ones and you can never have too many as far as i'm concerned. I really like Macadamia products, i use their oils religiously so I had high hopes for the Style Extended Dry Shampoo and luckily, it lived up to my expectations. This spray is infused with mineral rich volcanic ash to absorb odour and product build up, while keeping hair refreshed and full of body. A little goes a long way too!

I decided to bring out my Make Up Revolution Girl Panic palette in to my make up routine as I've not used it for a while, you can read a full review here. I'm also still seriously loving Primark £1 nails, again you can read more about them here too. Still loving Kylie Jenner's lips and still loving Mac Brave, the holy grail of lip products. Although I think Velvet Teddy might be my fave between the two! 

What products did you love last month?




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