Sunday, 4 October 2015


Friday, 2 October 2015


Week 10 started off with cocktails, a Subway, Ikea breakfast, dinner at my parents and a Sunday night Indian takeaway. Obviously I wasn't going to lose, a maintain would have been great but a small gain would be fine too. I gained 0.5lbs which I'm really happy with as I was expecting a lot more. So keeping my weight loss at 10.5lbs. Apart from dinner with a friend on Tuesday night there's no reason why I can't be on plan 100% for week 11.

On to what I've been eating in the past week. Like I said before, I wasn't on plan all day until Monday, so thinking about it it was actually a miracle i didn't gain more! Usual breakfast, fruit and yogurt and quiche for lunch (recipe will be up on Wednesday) and I have managed to try a new dinner, Spinach & mushroom cannelloni which was delicious and I'm trying red wine casserole tomorrow. I took photos as i went along for the cannelloni so there will another recipe blog post soon. I'm making SW chicken Keiv tonight with homemade chips and beans, a propa homely meal and another new one for the week! I've impressed myself haha! I've got a big box of goodies from Muscle Food to turn in to Slimming World dishes which I'm really looking forward to, I couldn't resist the maple syrup with my SW friendly pancakes yesterday, so good! I made Turkey Melts with feta cheese for a change and I think i may prefer it a little more than with mozzarella.

Exercise. Another good week, my most active since i started. I had a Pilates class on Sunday, body sculpt on Monday and ran 4 miles from Tuesday to Thursday. I've really started to notice a difference and other people are too which is really nice. I just wish i'd taken measurements when I first started! But i'm going to do it from now on and track that every week. My Pilates instructor is a personal trainer too so I think i'm going to have a session with her once a week. 

Favourite meal last week? Cannelloni was incredible! I will certainly be making that again soon. 
Learnt anything new? I don't think so!
Complete last weeks aims? Since Monday I've had less than 3 syns a day so yep.
Aims for this week?  Have 5 syns or less a day.
Any new dishes to try? Slimming World Bakewell Tarts, yummmmmmm.
Wanting to lose? I would really love a nice big 3lbs loss! 
Time active? 2hs 25mins

Week One -3lbs
Week Two -3lbs
Week Three -1.5bs
Week Four -0.5lbs
Week Seven -0.5lbs
Week Eight  -1.5lbs
Week Nine -2lbs

Total loss: 10.5lbs

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


I’m not sure if I’ve ever done a hair care routine before, if I have it was a very long time ago. But this post was actually requested in my survey a few weeks ago and so here it is!

I do like a good routine, I have one for everything. So it makes sense to have one for my hair too. Most weeks I actually only wash my hair once, It’s something I always have done and I believe that’s why my hair is in relatively good condition despite being coloured. However if I’ve had a bit of a workout and turn in to a sweaty mess then I’ll wash my hair more than once, obviously.  But in all honesty I do tend to schedule my exercise around my hair washing days and that’s either really sad or pretty genius, you decide!

Once my shampoo and conditioner runs out I’ll usually try a new one instead of repurchasing what I’ve just used. I find my hair tends to get used to hair products very easily and doesn’t respond as well so I tend to switch it up quite regularly. These are my newest products to try, although I’ve used a few Kérastase products before and highly recommend them! Kérastase Chronologiste Revitalizing Duo (£46.75) is a two-step treatment designed to transform dull, tired hair. The unique formula combines vitamins A and E to cleanse and revitalise hair from top to bottom. It works to rid the scalp of impurities and strengthen hair fibres whilst gently massaging and exfoliating the hair ridding each strand of built up grime and dirt. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I love it! They make my hair feel so clean and really nourished. I feel like it’s given a bit of life back to my hair too as it was starting to look a little drab.

After I’ve washed my hair I apply KeraFiber Protect andRevive Keratin + Argan Oil Hair Serum (£19.95) to the ends of my hair. It’s a really light product (some other oils I've used can be really heavy) and it really helps take away the frizz on the ends, it makes my hair more manageable and easy to style too.

And of course, a hair routine isn’t complete without a dry shampoo, this one is the Macadamia StyleExtended Dry Shampoo (£19.95) which you may recognize this from lastmonths favourites. This spray is infused with mineral rich volcanic ash to absorb odour and product build up, while keeping hair refreshed and full of body. It’s great for a dry shampoo but it’s also really good for volume which is what I use it most for.

A couple of products I also use for styling are a wide toothcomb, Babyliss Styler and hairspray.

Monday, 28 September 2015


I think I could open my own Yankee Candle shop with the amount of their candles I have now, I have them dotted about the house and there’s always one burning. I find them really comforting and really homely so when a new range comes out I’m all for adding to my collection.

Out Of Africa is pretty self explanatory, each fragrance is inspired by the continent so we have Serengeti SunsetEgyptian MuskMadagascan Orchid  and Kilimanjaro Star. It’s a really different and unique range which is actually one of my favourites from Yankee Candle.

If you like citrus and fresh scents then Serengeti Sunset is the one for you. It’s perfect for first thing in the morning, its orange note really fills the room. It’s not sweet like oranges can be but very zesty instead; I think this is a good one for a bathroom or the kitchen for quick fresh bursts. 

Madagascan Orchid is a really purfumey type of scent, very floral and feminine. I’m not usually a massive fan of floral scents but this one is pretty nice. I can’t burn it for too long as it’s quite dark and get’s a bit too much but because of that it means a little goes a long way and you can smell this one for ages after you’ve blown it out. Very suited for A/W evenings!

Vanilla is my all time favourite scent, and Egyptian Musk has notes of vanilla bean and cedarwood so I thought this would be a winner.  At first it really was, it was the first one I burnt and gave off a lovely scent but unfortunately after a while I didn’t notice it anymore and after hours of burning it was like there wasn’t anything going which is a shame. So it’s nice for quick short fragrance bursts but not for all day burning.

Kilimanjaro Stars  reminds me of an aftershave, it’s very strong and heavy fragrance but it does last a very long time. This isn’t one for a chilled Sunday afternoon, think Saturday night with friends over and flowing drinks! I think this one may be my favourite even if it is quite masculine. 

Like I said above I think this collection is isn’t like your typical Yankee Candle collection and I really like that. I’m excited to see what they bring out next, I think Vanilla Bourbon may be my next fave!

Which Yankee Candle can't you live without?

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