1. What could I win? A weekend trip to Paris and a Michelin star meal! 
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  3. When does this competition close? The Parisian Weekend competition is running until the 31st of October, 2015. The winner will then be chosen at random. 
  4. Who do I contact for further questions? Please contact Jasmine Freeman at for any questions that you have. 
  5. What next? Have you shared the competition via Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin? Good! Then cross your fingers and wait until the 1st on November to find out whether you have won or not :)

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Week 4 on Slimming World has been longer, but not as beneficial as I had of hoped with only losing 0.5lbs! Although this takes my total to 8lbs in 4 weeks, I'm a little disappointed.  I'd noticed i wasn't eating a my daily dose of Heathy Extra B, apart from at the weekends, so i made more of an effort to include it in my week. I managed 5 days and i felt horrendous, i felt SO bloated and sluggish. I asked some other member's and they said the same happens to them too and that i should try and find my B somewhere else. In all honestly, in the weeks i wasn't having much B I lost more and felt generally better. I've decided to cut it out and see how i get on. I know i'm getting enough fibre from the fruit i eat so i don't feel like i'm missing out on anything by not having bread, cereal, ryvita etc. 

On to what I've been eating this week. Breakfasts have been my usual fruit and yogurt and weekends bacon and egg on toast, or a cob. I'm a creature of habit I really am. Lunch has been jacket potato with beans, Ryvita and salmon and my bacon & mushroom quiche which i have now perfected and i love it, I'll try and get a recipe up soon! Pretty standard dinners this week, a roast, prawn risotto and fish pie to name a few. I did manage to make the Picnic Scotch Eggs which i'm SO pleased with how they turned out, i'm honestly so proud of these! They were so delicious too. I'll certainly be making these again in the future!

I've got a bit of a social weekend happening from tonight, i'm off out to an Indian restaurant with James and my parents, I've done some research and it can be relatively low syn so i'm hopeful i can keep it in control but tomorrow we're off to Skegvagas for my sister in laws (not legally, yet!) birthday so i'm not sure how good i can be for that! We shall see.

Favourite meal last week? I wouldn't call it a meal, but I LOVED my scotch eggs!
Learnt anything new? HexB just isn't for me.
Complete last weeks aims? I did stay on plan 100% but my HexB has ruined me!
Aims for this week? Include more free food
Any new dishes to try? I'd like to have something Chinese this week, a stir fry maybe? I'm used to those packet sauces which i know are pretty bad for you so i'll have to see what i can find. 
Wanting to lose? Really want to keep up averaging 2lbs a week so 2 but with my social weekend i'm not so sure!

Week One -3lbs
Week Two -3lbs
Week three - 1.5bs

Total loss: 8lbs




Rock Pamper Scissors is a fairly new website, built entirely for you to be able to find local hairdressers easily and see the work they’ve already created. I know from personal experience picking the right salon to get your hair sorted can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve been places before where literally all they did was cuts, another which had no idea what ‘Ombre’ was and another where they just pretty much did what they wanted anyway. It can be a nightmare! But with Rock Pamper Scissors you can see looks the salon as created on real people, with similar hair to yours so you can see how they’ve worked their magic. So whether you’re looking for a trim, a restyle of a total hair make over then you can be confident when picking the right salon. The images really do help, I’ve just lost a lot of my lusting over some of the looks and now I really want to switch my hair up. At the moment, it’s still early days but already I think this concept is brilliant and I’d love to see it rolled out to my area. But for now, if you ladies are based in Manchester then check out some of their hairdressers in Manchester and find the perfect salon to create your dream look. 




I’ve been very fortunate to have been invited/attended my fair share of blogging events over the years so I like to think I have a pretty good knowledge of what makes a good event, I hope! I’m very lucky to be able to work in marketing and I get to work with some lovely brands and bloggers and so I thought why not join the two together?

The Body Shop are a great brand to work with and are incredibly supportive of us bloggers and the ladies at the Coppergate ShoppingCentre in York are lovely too and keen to do events, so it made perfect sense for my first event to be here to celebrate the launch of their new Spa Of The World range. I set about finding beauty bloggers who might be interested in coming along. From living in Leeds for 5 years, and even Nottingham now, I know that blogging events ‘up norf’ are few and far between so it was really important to me to include local bloggers. I had 10 girls come along to the event and spend a couple of hours in the store leaning about the new collection, skincare and make up. It was so informative and I learnt a lot myself, it was nice to attend the event as a blogger too!

We had fizz with raspberries, orange juice, bagels from Bagel Nash across the road (They do catering if anyone is interested), sweeties, chocolate fingers and of course no blogging event is complete without some cupcakes. They were from Love Rouge Bakery, so if you're ever in York you need to pay her a visit as they were awesome!

So anyway, on to the collection...

As I’m sure you’ve already worked out, this collection is all about products from around the world, and we visit Morocco, Egypt and Japan.  The range includes bath milk, creams, massage oils and exfoliants. There are even a couple of tools to help with your spa experience too! My personal favourites are the Morccoan Rhassoul Clay and the Dead Sea Salt scrub. The massage oils are lovely too, we were really fortunate to try the collection first hand with a yummy hand massage which left me feeling relaxed and wanting to buy the whole lot! Each product has a very unique scent which (not surprisingly) reminds you of being in a spa. I could even smell the products in my car the next day!

I’m a big fan of The Body Shop anyway, but this collection is just something else. I feel it gives them another voice and caters to a whole new market. I really hope they keep up with their Spa collection and bring out another set of new products in the range.

I had such a great evening and I hope everyone else did too! A big thank you to Michelle, Angela and all the other lovely staff members at The Body Shop Coppergate Centre for being wonderfully generous hosts and to the lovely bloggers Laura, Sharon, Kate, Rachel, Donna, Jessica, Lucy, Charlotte and Rebecca who came to the CoppergateSpaOfTheWorld event!  

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