Dress: Primark Shoes: eBay  

Ah Autumn, you are wonderful! 

photos by Jenny Sneap




Party season is nearly upon us and we know how important is is to have that perfect party dress! Obviously i spend a lot of my time on eBay and so often come across some absolutely beautiful dresses so i thought i'd give them their own dedicated post. I know these won't be for everyone, but i think you can appreciate their beauty none the less! Also, they're all under £15... bargain! Have you started outfit planning yet?




Ok, so the title is pretty intriguing right? So it's not actually dragons blood, because dragons don't exist duh and i can confirm the product doesn't contain any blood either. In fact it actually contains latex from the croton lechleri tree which can be found in South America. Locals use the latex (nicknamed dragons blood) as a liquid bandage and there's certain chemicals in there too which have wound healing properties. Pretty cool huh? So it makes a lot of sense for dragons blood to be in skin care products. Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum is wonderful at hydrating the skin, the hyaluronic acid keeps the skin fresh, other ingredients are designed to absorb excess oil and illuminate skin. I live in a very cold house and i work somewhere with air conditioning on all the time, so my skin is seriously suffering at the moment. I've used this over the past few weeks and it does make a massive difference when i wake up in the morning. I can suffer with dry skin around my eyes and on my cheeks but since using this i haven't had that problem at all! The Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Mask is perfect for those who do like a face mask to really get inside and cleanse. It claims to plumb the look of wrinkles and refine skins appearance which i can't say I've found, maybe i should use it as an over night mask instead of a 10 minute one. However, i do like what it does for my skin, it certainly makes tigher whilst it's on and i certainly feel like it gets rid of all the rubbish under my skin and so for that reason i think it's a great little product. Finally, we have the Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads, these are nice for days when I've been at work all day and have taken my make up off and want to wake my skin up a bit. You only need two pads max and they leave your skin ready for some moisturiser! Perfect! 




Coat: Debenhams (via charity shop) | Dress: New Look | Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Shoes: Primark

This has got to be one of my favourite set of outfit photos I've posted in a long time, the lightening was just so beautiful and i think it just compliments the outfit so well! I'm quite a perfectionist when it comes to my outfit photos, so many get binned so it's nice when it all comes together. 

On Friday myself and Jenny popped along to Wollaton Hall to have a bit of a walk around the grounds and to snap some photos. We've not been in over a year so it was nice to head back and after a week of rain it was lovely to welcome the sunshine! I only live about 10 minutes away now so i really have no excuse to not go back again soon, plus it's always nice to chill with Batman for a bit! We have a bit of an exciting shoot planned next week which i'm really looking forward to, the location is awesome and i'm going to be working with my favourite brands which will be fun!

I was a bit of a poorly bear at the start of last week, caught a 24 hour tummy bug and had a very upset stomach which wasn't fun. But i fought that naughty little bug off and by Friday i was right as rain. Which was brilliant news for my busy weekend! Friday night i went out for a few drinks and a dance with my BFBG (boyfriends brothers girlfriend) which was super fun, we started off the night with homemade strawberry cocktails! Then on Saturday i had a surprise planned by said boyfriend, which turned out to be going to a steak restaurant (one we've been meaning to go to since Valentines day!) and for some cocktails. It was literally the most perfect night, i am such a lucky girl!

Today, i'm heading to my parents for a catch up as I've not seen them for a couple of weeks and for some Dad cooking! As much as love experimenting in the kitchen and quite enjoy cooking, you just can't beat dinner by your Dad! Oh and lets not forget a Mums cuppa and Lush bubble bath! 

photos by Jenny Sneap
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