I love Primark nails; I personally think they’re the best on the high street! I’ve spent a fortune on falsies before, frequently picking up those £6+ packs only for them to ping off a few hours later. So when Primark bought out their fake nails a few years ago in all honesty I wasn’t holding out much hope but they had a pattern on which would go perfectly with what I was wearing that night so I thought I’d give them a go. I didn’t even try the glue and I still haven’t. I buy a separate brush on glue which just seems to last a lot longer, I get mine from eBay for a couple of pounds.  Every few months Primark will bring out a new range of falsies so I tend to stock up when I can and the above are my most recent purchases from a few weeks ago. Each set will last about a week on me without any pings and then I’ll get another use out of them before throwing them away but when they’re only £1 a pack I don’t think that’s bad at all! I love Primark false nails and I couldn’t recommend them enough!

If you can't get to Primark you can buy them on eBay for a little bit more




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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve previously lost 3st doing Slimming World. Although I’d not been attending groups, I’ve been loosely following it for the past couple of years and maintained the weight I had lost. I’ve tried to eat healthy, get in to fitness and try and lose weight without the aid of SW and to be honest, I wasn’t getting very far (apart from fitness, I was doing pretty well there). By restricting myself of certain foods I found I craved them more, and more often than not, gave in. I noticed the weight start to creep back on and I wasn’t happy, my big clothes were starting to feel slightly snug again and I thought all my previous hard work would be wasted. Slimming World worked fanatically for me before, I really enjoyed doing it and so last week I joined a group just down the road from me to start my journey again and finally get to my target weight I set myself years ago.

Last night I had my first weigh in and I’ve lost 3lbs which I’m really happy with. On Monday I had my LLETZ treatment via general anesthetic and as you can imagine I’ve not really been with it this week. Although I’m feeling a million times better now, it has been a funny few days. But I tried to stick to plan as much as I could and thankfully I had James cooking me meals (with instruction) and apart from a naughty cream cake (pain purposes obviously) and the lack of movement being stuck to the sofa for 3 days, 3lbs is a good loss.

So on to the food. My breakfast during the week tends to be fruit with yogurt, totally syn free and at the weekend toast with marmite, eggs and/or bacon (without the fat). I love bread, but I find it makes me really bloated so I try to limit it to just the weekends instead. I also had my pancakes this week too as I was at home. Lunches are usually salad with salmon or chicken or soup and with dinners I  try to have something different each night, this week my meals have included  homemade burgers with sweet potato fries, fish pie with greens, chicken, sweet potato and spinach curry and a jacket potato with cheese and beans. For snacks I’ve been having boiled eggs, carrot sticks and for sweet treats I’ve been having dairy milk (21g bar) which is 6syns.

Favourite meal last week? Homemade burger! I had the BIGGEST craving for this and it certainly hit it!
Learnt anything new? I had no idea Quark was free!
Aims for this week? Include more speed foods in my meals and drink more water
Any new dishes to try? Bacon and mushroom crustless quiche.
Wanting to lose? I’d like to go for 3 again and I don’t have any distractions so I’m hopeful!

Total loss: 3lbs



Wahanda: Book Spa & Salon Appointments Online

You've probably already heard of Wahanda, but in case you haven't (where have you been?) let me give you a brief description. Wahanda is the online home for health, beauty and wellness, with listings of spas, salons and health centers across the world. You'll also find that it's decorated with expert tips and advice, with everything you need to know about treatments, trends and therapies proudly on display for all to see. So, if you’re wondering where your nearest spa is, whether to wax or shave, what to eat before yoga at Wahanda you can gather together a scrapbook of everything you need to know and all the exciting spas and clinics around the world you want to try out. Although Wahanda contacted me to review their website and try a free treatment, I have used the website over the years and have had numerous amounts of beauty treatments for a fraction of the price so i was happy to use the service again. 

The website is super easy to navigate, you pick which sort of treatment you're looking for in the header and go from there. Although i'd recently had my hair done a few weeks previously i wasn't 100% happy so I thought this would be the perfect chance to get what I was looking for so i set about finding the right salon in my area. There's lots of reviews on the site from people who have used the services before which is really handy when trying to find the best place for what you're after. I decided to go with J'adore Hair& Beauty after they had the best reviews and it was easy to get to for me being right in the center of Nottingham. I chose what i wanted from the menu (balayage and a blow dry) and went through to pick my date and time. There was loads of times and dates to choose from and i managed to get one for a week later, perfect! The whole booking process was really simple, i didn't have any problems and i had my confirmation email within a few minutes. They also send you email and text reminders too which i personally really like. 

The salon was lovely, as were the staff and I left feeling like a million $! Tiffany (the owner) really listened to what i wanted and did that and more, I finally had the hair i originally wanted a few months previous. I was there for about 3 hours and all the treatments cost £75 which I felt was worth it as i got exactly what i wanted. I would certainly go back and continue to use Wahanda to book my hair and beauty treatments, i highly recommend them! 

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