Monday, 1 March 2010

Had an amazing weekend at home, makes me sad to be back in Leeds.

Had a major busy day at uni Friday, productive though. I've come up with my 6 final design silhouette which means i can start doing my block patterns, and i can start to develop the embellishments, trims and threads in my sketchbook.
I had to major rush to get my connecting train, the one leaving Harrogate was late because of the torrential train that hit us, because of that i had 2 mins to RUN and make my train. I managed to make it, but was greeted with 2 very rude business men who clearly think booking seats is a stupid idea and an Australian woman who was stupid enough to get on the earlier train and accused me of being in her seat. No darling, you're in mine.
As you can imagine i was over the moon to see my Dad waiting for me, and Mum had a cuppa on the table for me when i got in.
Went to Leicester on Saturday morning, managed to find a lovely little place on one of the backstreets in a high populated Asian area. I spent £24 and got 6 different quarter metre colours, enough to do samples on, 5 lots of trims and 20 different beads. I feel loads better now, i can make a real start and actually get somewhere.

Major chilled out yesterday. Had a massive clear out of my wardrobe and Mums and Dads. Nabbed some of my dads old shirts, they are amazing. Look so good with leggins, also nicked one of mums jumpers with a massive cat on it, soooo cute!
Everything we threw away is going to charity.
After the football, me and Dad made a hazelnut, coffee and chocolate cake. Not a masisve fan of nuts so it was wasted on me. Was good to make though!

I got in around lunchtime today and was so sleepy, i've only just woke up. I've been to Salisbury's and got my weekly supplies and now im ready for a good few days of doing work.
First thing is to print a million pages from WGSN.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Can't believe it's March! BRILLAINT!

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