Saturday, 20 March 2010

Things are pretty messed up in the house right now. It's ctually making me feel so sick i hate it. I can't wait to get away, tomorrow will be amazing.

Got my fabric today, it came to £71. I actually had tears in my eyes, and the thing is i won't get a single penny back from my uni. Even though i have to pay studio fees? Makes so much sense. Not.

I woke up really early today, which was kinda annoying. I need to go to bed stupidly late so i'll sleep tomorrow night, as i've gotta be up at 4.30am for my flight monday morning.

I've done two loads of washing, sorted out my itunes, i need to now shower and pack and at some point do my nails.

I can't wait to see Matty later! <3

This will be my last post, hope you all have a good week. Im excited to see what youi've all been upto when i get back.

Oh, and if you happen to read this, happy 21st for tomorrow Stacie x

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  1. awww :( I hope everuthing gets better.
    Dont stress out about them dick heads.
    we'll sort out a plan to get our onw backs ;)

    & thank you my love. TTys & I hope you have a lovely holiday! xxxxxxx


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