Saturday, 6 March 2010

I love everything to do with space, I love all films in space, i love looking at photos and watching videos. The majority of nights i spend with Matt we have hours of conversations about what goes on outside our solar system, time and mass. We also hope for clear nights so when we're laying in bed we can see the beautiful balls of light through his skylight.
So yeah, I'm not only interered in one subject such as fashion, I actually have a bigger obsession with ours and other universes.
I guess I'm a massive geek really.
Isn't it amazing to think we're all made up from stardust?


  1. Omg I love space too! It is geeky but I love it. Do you remember ages ago there used to be like an 8-10 minute program on tele about space. It always had the best songs too like Black Star by Radiohead and stuff like that :) x

  2. Yes!! i just never get bored thinking about it, actually amazes me! i'd love to go and see the Aurora Borealis! :D aaahhhh <3

  3. hello, i'm the newest follower of your lovely blog


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