Thursday, 18 March 2010

Usual Thursday, really busy in pattern cutting. However, it makes me very happy to say that i've done all 5 blocks and toiles. Now it's just the final garments to make, which i will do when i get back from holiday.
I also scanned 6 of my illustrations in, and roughly colourerd and altered. I'll put some pics up when i've finished them.
Pretty average day really.

I made a spannish omlette for tea, it was yummy!

I need to go on a hoover hunt later, someone tripped the switch last night and no one wanted to go into the basement to sort it out, so in my lovely (questionable) pjs, i knocked on some random neighbours door. The guy was more than happy to help, in exchange for the hoover. But one housemate is clearly not happy about it and has been bitching all day. For god sake, the house is a state anyway, now you wanna hoover?

Major chill out tonight, i need to start packing. I hate packing.

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