Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lookbook / Chictopia

First off i apologize for boring outift! I was wearing a grey blazer but the pics didn't turn out that nice so you're stuck with just a t-shrt but a very amazing t-shirt. I brought this baby on Ebay over the summer and it's one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I could never afford a real Alexander McQueen item so this is my way of showing my love for the great. I also wore 3 inch heels today for the first time in forever and they were amazingly comfortable. Im pretty rubbish for not having a picture of the rings & bracelet i was wearing, epic outfit post on my part. I'll try and have something more colourful and cheery next time. (First time wearing my glasses in a pic!)

Back in to the swing of things with uni, and already it's proven to be so un-helpful and unorganized. But i can't be surprised, im being taught at a college where communication lacks big time.
I nearly had a nervous break down today when i found out college hasn't confirmed my attendance, that's brilliant when i have £1000 rent to pay on Friday. Not going to happen. Not going to get my loan for another week.

Good news to my day was that my charm bracelets have arrived! So now im just waiting on the scrabble tiles, rings and glue and i'm all set to make you some lovely scrabble items, quite excited about it actually! I hope you are too!


Monday, 27 September 2010

As you can see, i love scrabble. Me and my boyfriend spend hours after hours playing the game. It's so much fun, so if you've not played in a while you deff should!
I've been thinking about making some scrabble inspired jewellery for a while, and tonight i decided to go for it. So i've bought everything i need to make rings and fingers crossed it should be here this week.
So, this is my question to you lovely lot..
Would you be interested in having your own scrabble ring?
Im also thinking about making necklaces too so i'd love to hear your opinions about whether you think i should or not?

Feel free to reply on here or send me an email
Thanks guys!

EDIT- I've now bought the stuff to make charm bracelets. I think i'll leave necklaces for a later date.

I'm not a massvive fan of these kind of posts, i find the everyday questions boring but when the lovely belle vintage tagged me in this one I thought why not..

What is your favourite fashion accessory?
As boring as this sounds the first thing I thought of was tights, because you can wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts and playsuits etc, pretty much everything in your wardrobe. I go through phases with bags, necklaces and scarves but I know my trusty tights will always get used.

Who's your fashion role model? (In real life and YouTube/Blogging)
I don’t really have a role model, I think everyone has such a unique look that trying to look like someone else would just be pointless. I can appreciate certain styles which would make me go ‘oh, that’s a nice dress’. But at the end of the day I wear just what makes me feel good in. I’m still wearing stuff I brought 3+ years ago.

What would you describe your style as?

Favourite: jeans, sunglasses or heels?
Well I don’t wear jeans, I don’t even own a pair, and as I wear glasses, sunglasses are kind of no no too. So looks like its heels. I used to wear them all the time, but then the whole ‘flat’ trend came in and my heels took a back seat. But I do have some cute black velvet ones which are high enough to look good and still be comfortable.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
This isn’t a fashion blog specifically; it’s about every part of my life. Majority of the time it’s my own pictures/writing. I don’t like blogs that just copy everything from or the latest issue of a fashion mag.

What is your favourite fashion store/shop?
Primark, without a doubt. I can’t justify spending a fortune on something when in a few months It will look awful and out of place.

Who is your favourite designer?
Vivienne Westwood & Alexander McQueen because they broke all the rules.

Who/what inspires your style?
Every day people, uni friends, blogs etc but to be honest, I wouldn’t say I have a style, apart from what I said up there which was ‘recycled’

What would you choose to do - buy something in high quality or make it yourself if you could?
I do make myself stuff, it’s when being a fashion design and production student pays off. I should make a lot more than I do, but as I do it as a course it kinda takes the fun out of it. Probably when I graduate I’ll make a lot more.


Sunday, 26 September 2010


-Sarah B

It took me quite a while to decide which Lookbook post to do today, I wanted to use an English user to show a typically English style of dress, and i think Sarah shows it well. She really does showcase a great trend we have going at the moment, especially everyones love for the aviator jacket and brogues. I’ve seen so many posts about these items, I myself have even given in and brought some cheap brown brogues from Primark. H&M are proving to as popular as ever by having an aviator jacket at only £24.99. Absolute bargin and I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts to sell out soon.
I really like the blouse I’ve chosen, I’m really loving them at the moment as they are one of those pieces that really go with everything. I’d change the buttons though, get some gold ones and make it look a bit more vintage.

//Aviator Jacket- H&M£24.99
//Peter Pan Dress- Dorothy Perkins £30
// Blouse- Dorothy Perkins £14
//Shurg- Topshop £32
//Polka Dot Dress- £7.99 //Belt- £7.99
//Brown Brouges- New Look£20


Saturday, 25 September 2010


Ok, so not really a part two and it's not the best photo. But this is how the t-shirt finally turned out. Im not sure if i like it or not yet, i think i'll add some more to it and then see. But hey, not bad for a first go!
I would of had a time lapse image/photos of me doing the paint but Matt was at uni and didn't get back till late, by then it was getting dark and the pictures probably wouldn't of been that good. But at least there's a pic of the final shirt.

I totally sorted out my room yesterday, and it's now ready for when i get back into the swing of having uni work. Im still in total denial about having work to do. I should be doing it right now but alas, and sitting on the sofa watching rubbish TV.

I know i said i'd changed doing the Lookbook of the week to a Saturday thing, but im going to make it a Sunday thing as it's a bit easier forme. You won't see last weeks post as i've somehow deleted it. Quite annoyed about that actually, it was one of my favourites and not sure how i've done it. Oh well!

Bit of an update on the diet front, i've actually lost nearly half a stone and you can actually start to notice. I wasn't going to buy scales, i think a lot of people become obsessed with them but i was getting so fed up not knowing if i was going anywhere, so i bought some and yep, it's working. Really happy about that. But today is my cheat day, and therefore i'm eating all the things i've been missing these past few weeks. Starting with cheese & ham toasties!

Im finally starting to get the hang of bloglovin so if anyone wants to follow me, click here

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I've been after a galaxy inpsired t-shirt for ages now, i've not had much luck as the one's i've found would cost me a bomb. Er no thanks!

So i did some research, and looked at doing it myself. Then i came across this post and thought yes! Exactly what im after. So i went into Primark and brought xxL mens black tee for £2. That way if i mess it up i'll have a nice big comfy t-shirt to sleep in.

I got the bleach out, some hair bands and latex gloves and set to work.
I tied the bands around parts of the t-shirt, some bigger then others, poured bleach on and rubbed in. As you can see the bleach took straight away. I left it for a few mins and then rinsed the bleach until water ran clear.

It's now outside drying and looks like this...

This is not the final tee, i want to add acrylic paints to it when it's dry and maybe some more bleach. I hope then i'll make it look really cool!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lookbook / Chictopia

Today was the first day back at uni, we had to enroll and get our disertation brief. Of course, that didn't go to plan as i soon realised i'd forgotten my finance sheets. No loan for me for at least a week for two! On the plus side, we had a good introduction to our top up year and im actually feeling a lot better about it now.

I decided on my way back to go into Leeds to get some winter clothes, i've been umming and arring about getting new clobber because im currently on a diet and loosing weight, but i was getting sick of not liking my clothes and not knowing what to wear. So i took a trip to Primark and easily spent £62 (4 jumpers, 2 pairs of tights, 3 pairs of socks and some brouges). But im all set for winter. I brought Matt a tee too, so not so bad really. That jumper up there was £7 and the tights were £2, Im also wearing a hair band but you can't see so i'll deff be wearing it again, amongst my other purchases in some outfit posts to come.

Tonight im going to clear the apartment, it gets so messy so easily and it drives me insane! Oh, i also brought a new massive mug for my morning tea! So good!


Monday, 20 September 2010

I didn’t want to blog about London Fashion Week, I know a lot of girls are writing about it on their blogs and I didn’t want to be repetitive and write the same thing.
But when I saw the Vivienne Westwood- Red Label collection I had to say something, considering I’m a massive Viv fan!

I love that you never know what to expect with her collections, but after seeing the S/S 11 collection I sighed a bit of relief at the typical Spring/Summer colours being used. It’s actually quite refreshing to see these kinds of items, especially now the weather is starting to turn and it’s making me wish it was spring time already.
She kept with the feminine tailoring, draping and tartan which she is most well known for. Along with some new animal prints and a very tribal feel (face paints) with straw hats and the very ‘’must have’’ item patent brogues. If you’re a big fan of glitter, then you won’t feel left out as the evening wear she showcased was complete with glitter cropped trousers, sequined hats and shimmering dresses.
I absolutely adore this collection, I absolutely adore Vivienne Westwood, and I really cannot wait to see what the high street does. Roll on S/S 2011.


Friday, 17 September 2010

There are no words to explain how pretty the sky looked tonight.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lookbook / Chictopia

Me and Matt took a trip down the road to Kirkstall Abby, it's such a pretty place and would be the pefect place for Matt to try out his new camera. It's free to get in and walk around which is always a bonus! I've been down a couple of times but you never get over just how big the windows are! It was a good couple of hours out.

Tomorrow my parents are coming up for the day, when they came up last week they forgot to bring up some stuff i had at home, so as they're still on their holiday they said they'd come up for the day. Mums also bringing me up a storage unit, it's a good idea considering im running out of space for uni work already!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I went in to uni today, it was a total waste of time. All i did was draw up my pattern blocks all nice and neat on to card for when i need to start my collection.
I guess it's kinda handy to have, but it's something i could of easily done without paying £36 for.
I left an hour early, i was sitting around doing nothing so it made sense to just get the train home before it started chucking it down.

I came home to find Matt had gone out and brought a brand new cannon 1000d. Words cannot explain how beautiful it looks! He does digital, films, games and animation at uni and always had to book out cameras if he wanted to use them. Now he has his own. I love my camera to bits, and do get some good shots now and again but i cannot wait to have a play with this beauty and see what pictures i can get!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

All Primark.

I didn't go in to uni today, yesterday was such a waste of time i just generally couldn't be bothered. From what i've heard, i've not missed a thing.
Pattern cutting tomorrow and Wednesday. That should be a lot better, i hope. Considering we're paying our own teachers for these classes, it better be worth it. Costing me a small fourtune.

My laptop FINALLY arrived this afternoon, im so happy to have it back and for it to be looking all new! It was a right mission getting back in to my lap, but here it is! Means i can make a start on sorting out all my photos/itunes.

Im off to the post office in mo, got an Ebay item to post, and then back for some more scrabble with my boy! Im now slightly addicted. If you've not played it in a while, you deffo should!

Someone asked for my formspring link, so here it is. There's also a little icon over on the right hand side.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Im a big Barry M fan, i love their dust eye shadows and feel they go on really easily and last all day. I usually only buy them when they're on offer, and so i took advantage of the offer Boots as at the moment- 3 for £10. As you can see i have a good range of colours!
Heres what i did with 4 of them:


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sorry for the rubbish pic, I don't take good photos with my hair up and we were in a rush for the taxi.

Yesterday my parents came up it had been planned for a while so i was really looking forward to it. We drove to Skipton and went on a canel boat and had a look around the shops, it's a lovely little town- shame about the rain!

Just before they arrived i picked up my new glasses, i really love them. I'll take a pic soon, i've just not really had time to yet. We got back in and after getting sorted and having a few drinks we went out for a meal. We went to a restaurant at the Casino in Leeds. It was actually the nicest food i've ever eaten, it was so yummy!

My parents left earlier on today, and took the laptop i've been borrowing off my Mum back. I broke the screen on mine a few months ago and i've only just got round to getting it fixed. It should be coming back on Monday!

Today me and Matt will be playing some scrabble! It's actually so much fun. He might be out tonight, least i'll have the place to myself.

Oh he told me he found my blog, by found i say he searched for it!! Not sure how i feel about this yet... haha

Thursday, 9 September 2010


-Frida- J

As soon as i saw this girl i fell in love with her style, these outfits are what i would wear daily if i could. I just love the whole oversived knits trend with knee high socks, even with leggings or tights would work well and still give you that whole ''snug'' feel, i hate to say it but the word ''cute'' comes to mind.
You could wear this anywhere and with the right type of shoes, bag and accessories you could turn a simple outfit into a right on trend. Deff one of my favourite lookbooks.

//Knitted Epaulette Dress- Topshop £42
//Knitted Chunky Stripe Jumper- Topshop £40
// Tan Stitch Clog- Miss Selfridge £15
//Knee High Socks- Miss Selfridge £5 //Grey 80 Denier Tights- Miss Selfridge £6 //Ladies Studded Bag- Peacocks £10


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It's about time i finally made a start on some uni work i got sent a few weeks ago.
The first class is for FAD (Fashion Awareness Direct) competition brief.

''Escape from the everyday life into a place of wonder and distraction. Retreat to a physical or fictional place that holds personal message or meaning. It could be real, imagined or somewhere in between.
Design two complementary outfits which express your notions of escape. Use form, colour and textile inspired by your escapist vision''

It sounds like a pretty cool project and im looking forward to getting started.
So far i've come up with books, a whole world inside some pages sounds like a pretty cool escape destination.
But what would you think of? Where would you escape too?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

//Playsuit- Primark £13
//Vintage blazer- Charity shop £5.50
// Owl necklace- Ebay £2.99
//Shoes- Dunnes £5


Sunday, 5 September 2010

We had about 12 hours sleep last night, yesterday totally wiped us out.
So today will be a pretty boring day and will consist of cleaning the whole apartment, putting some washing on, the weekly shopping & an afternoon movie.
This is my last FULL week of doing nothing before i go back to uni, i'm seriously not ready though! Still waiting for my dissertation brief, so my tutor will be damn lucky if i start any work on that before term starts.
Next week we start a 4 day pattern cutting and sewing course, to get us back into the ''swing'' of things.
I hope it helps!

Oh btw, i accidentally changed the settings on my blog so no one could comment, opps! However it' all fixed now!

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope it's not as boring as mine.

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