Sunday, 5 September 2010

We had about 12 hours sleep last night, yesterday totally wiped us out.
So today will be a pretty boring day and will consist of cleaning the whole apartment, putting some washing on, the weekly shopping & an afternoon movie.
This is my last FULL week of doing nothing before i go back to uni, i'm seriously not ready though! Still waiting for my dissertation brief, so my tutor will be damn lucky if i start any work on that before term starts.
Next week we start a 4 day pattern cutting and sewing course, to get us back into the ''swing'' of things.
I hope it helps!

Oh btw, i accidentally changed the settings on my blog so no one could comment, opps! However it' all fixed now!

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope it's not as boring as mine.



  1. I have been trying to comment your posts for AGES but never been able to! Haha soooo glad I can now :) I heart pattern cutting. Have a great sunday missus xx

  2. Good luck on your new semester! Yay for days of doing nothing!

  3. If you get a chance, please check my blog out. I have a 'Dare to Wear' challenge currently going on where I dare my subscribers to recreate a look from the Dior Spring 2009 couture show (pics posted). I also have a giveaway of the month for the month of september which will be posted tomorrow. Finally, I have a giveaway starting later this month (my 300 subscribers giveaway) for an Urban Decay Naked Palette and some M.A.C products.
    Alicia :)


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