Saturday, 25 September 2010


Ok, so not really a part two and it's not the best photo. But this is how the t-shirt finally turned out. Im not sure if i like it or not yet, i think i'll add some more to it and then see. But hey, not bad for a first go!
I would of had a time lapse image/photos of me doing the paint but Matt was at uni and didn't get back till late, by then it was getting dark and the pictures probably wouldn't of been that good. But at least there's a pic of the final shirt.

I totally sorted out my room yesterday, and it's now ready for when i get back into the swing of having uni work. Im still in total denial about having work to do. I should be doing it right now but alas, and sitting on the sofa watching rubbish TV.

I know i said i'd changed doing the Lookbook of the week to a Saturday thing, but im going to make it a Sunday thing as it's a bit easier forme. You won't see last weeks post as i've somehow deleted it. Quite annoyed about that actually, it was one of my favourites and not sure how i've done it. Oh well!

Bit of an update on the diet front, i've actually lost nearly half a stone and you can actually start to notice. I wasn't going to buy scales, i think a lot of people become obsessed with them but i was getting so fed up not knowing if i was going anywhere, so i bought some and yep, it's working. Really happy about that. But today is my cheat day, and therefore i'm eating all the things i've been missing these past few weeks. Starting with cheese & ham toasties!

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Enjoy your weekend!


  1. amazing! this top is fabulous well done
    congrats on the weight loss xx

  2. I love it! People would go crazy for them on ebay or etsy, you should get making and selling them :p And well done on the weight loss girlie, you are looking fab and I hope you enjoy having naughty food today :) xx

  3. Love the shirt, I actually wouldn't add anything, it looks great!

  4. i love the end result! Looks amazing. Congrats on the weight loss you look great x

  5. It looks very well done. I can see H&M selling something like that.

  6. I would look lovely with some cool tights, maybe gold or beige net ones, and with a brown belt:)

    Or with lots of gold tiny necklaces:))

    Nice work hun!! Waiting for more ideas:)

    xoxo, Patty

  7. it looks really good! can't wait to have a go! xx

  8. i actually love this! :) love the colour combo.

  9. Aaaw this is great! I might have to make one myself! :) well done on the diet, cheese and onion toasties are also lush, and cheese and pepper :) I love them as you can probably tell lol x

  10. The shirt came out lovely & congrats on the weight loss, maybe only pull out the scales like once a month or something? Like you said, it's easy to become obsessed which is not good.

  11. Wow it looks really interesting! It kind of reminds me of a nebula print.
    Congratulations on the weight loss :)

  12. oh i've tagged you in a post today by the way sweet:) xxx

  13. congrats on the weight loss!
    and that's a gorgeous diy shirt, love it!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  14. fabulous creation! looks great :-)

  15. I think the shirt looks great, it reminds me of those acid wash ones that American Apparel sell. Glad to hear your weight loss is going well!

  16. So much of a fan of this DIY idea, it looks awesome!

  17. What a great idea. nice shirt


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