Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sorry for the rubbish pic, I don't take good photos with my hair up and we were in a rush for the taxi.

Yesterday my parents came up it had been planned for a while so i was really looking forward to it. We drove to Skipton and went on a canel boat and had a look around the shops, it's a lovely little town- shame about the rain!

Just before they arrived i picked up my new glasses, i really love them. I'll take a pic soon, i've just not really had time to yet. We got back in and after getting sorted and having a few drinks we went out for a meal. We went to a restaurant at the Casino in Leeds. It was actually the nicest food i've ever eaten, it was so yummy!

My parents left earlier on today, and took the laptop i've been borrowing off my Mum back. I broke the screen on mine a few months ago and i've only just got round to getting it fixed. It should be coming back on Monday!

Today me and Matt will be playing some scrabble! It's actually so much fun. He might be out tonight, least i'll have the place to myself.

Oh he told me he found my blog, by found i say he searched for it!! Not sure how i feel about this yet... haha


  1. You look so lovely! :) really different with your hair up like that! Ohhh I have family and they live near Skipton, in a little place called sutton near keighly? I need to come down soon and go shopping in leeds :) xx

  2. Your dress looks amazing and you really suit your hair up! I'd love to wear glasses, I may just get some with plain glass! x

  3. The print on your dress is gorgeous. I love it. Scrabble rocks :)

  4. Gorgeous dress, you look sooo cute.

  5. This dress is so unusual, it's gorgeous!
    It looks lovely on you :) ♥

  6. so cute! compliments your beautiful figure so well! definitely following back <3


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