Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It's about time i finally made a start on some uni work i got sent a few weeks ago.
The first class is for FAD (Fashion Awareness Direct) competition brief.

''Escape from the everyday life into a place of wonder and distraction. Retreat to a physical or fictional place that holds personal message or meaning. It could be real, imagined or somewhere in between.
Design two complementary outfits which express your notions of escape. Use form, colour and textile inspired by your escapist vision''

It sounds like a pretty cool project and im looking forward to getting started.
So far i've come up with books, a whole world inside some pages sounds like a pretty cool escape destination.
But what would you think of? Where would you escape too?


  1. That sounds like a really awesome project! So many possibilities :)

    Are you at Uni of Leeds? I was hoping to go there this year but missed out by one grade :( Applying again for next year though :) xx

  2. Oh this really does sound really cool! I'd be inspired by Katy Perry's California Girls video if I did this project! I love getting a project that you look forward to getting started!

    Adele –

  3. Ooh this sounds like it will be an exciting project! good luck with it dear xxx


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