Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Today i need to do some more rough designs for tomorrow, and get more of my sketchbook done, i'm going to try and maybe stay later tomorrow and do some samples, or something.
I'm going home this weekend, im kinda happy about it, be nice to see my parents but i've got so much to do. I've decided to try and make a good start, or maybe finish, my 3000 word Eco Fashion report. But this is probably wishful thinking. Whilst im back we're going to Leicester to get some fabrics.
I also need to tidy my room. UH.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

PPQ London Fashion Week

I was really excited to see this collection, however i must admit I'm fairly disappointed.
I think they played it too safe with the colours and fabrics. Some are beautiful, but they don't make me want to run out there screaming ''I NEED IT.''

What do you think??

Monday, 22 February 2010

I watched the Baftas tonight, it was really good. I know she gets laods of stick but im glad Kirsten Stewart won the Rising Star award, there's something about her i just love.
Anyway, here's Bonnie Wright & Jamie Campbell Bower.
I think they look amazing together. She's stunning and he's got a gorgeous smile.
Ahhh young love <3

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ok, so yesterday uni work wise was crap, yesterday being with my boy was amazing. He took me out for a meal to cheer me up, then we watched the Olympic highlights.
Absolute perfection.
I finally dragged myself out of bed around midday, to find matty drawing. It made me feel motivated. But thanks to the snow storm last night, i was stuck at his for hours cos i only had my quilted flats with me, so had to wait ages for the snow to melt.
I did dinner for us both, pancakes for desert.

Tomorrow will be good, im going to make it good. It needs to be productive and i need to make a good start on all my uni work.

I also need to get back into the real world. I've been in a constant bubble for the past week.
Im looking forward to getting up to date with fashion week.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Im getting really fed up, and stressed. And to be honest im so clos to crying right now.
I can't do my drawings, even though they're rough, they still look like a 5 year old has done them. I give up. What's the fucking point? I'll never be as good as this.


It's been a while since i last posted.
Sheffield was ace, was lovely catching up with Matts friends and relaxing, even though the whole time i was there i had an awful cold, which I'm only just getting over. We ended up staying another night too cos neither of us wanted to come back to Leeds.
We got back on Thursday lunchtime, after around 2 hours i decided i couldn't actually hack being in the house, so i re packed my bag full of sketchbooks, photos and my laptop, came up to Matts and I've not been home since.
We've been watching non stop Olympics, playing some duck game on his PS3 (HIGHLY ADDICTIVE) and eating LOADS of crap food.
So much for loosing weight for Malta next month. UH.

This afternoon we've said we're going to be good and do loads of uni work each, so far I've not started.
I need to do stupid amounts of illustrations, i need to seriously make a good start on my briefs.

I'm still skint, i should finally get some money at the weekend, i still can't spend any of it though.
Mums coming up for a day in March, I'll save my shopping until then.

Desperate housewives will keep me sane this afternoon.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

So yesterday i went up to Matts, and he presented me with these babies!
12 red roses!!!!

I've never been given flowers before so i was totally shocked and so grateful!
He's such a sweetie!
He gave them to me yesterday cos we're going away Monday and this way i get to enjoy them over the weekend.

eeeee can't stop smiling!

Had a brilliant day at uni yesterday, we screen printed onto fabric.
It's for my Britannia project, im goin with Indian fashion, hence the henna pattern. Im going to bring it back around and use a galic pattern from a book i've brought form Amazon.
Im quite excited actually!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Gutted. Well and truly. In total shock actually.
He was one of my favourite designers. I've followed his collections for so long, even basing a whole project on his work last term.
So sad, a great talent to loose.
''Lee'' Alexander McQueen

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Friends taken off E4

My all time favourite show. Watching it everyday at 5pm is tradition.
I got the boxset for my 18th, and it made me so happy!
Today is a sad sad day.


Monday, 8 February 2010

I'm done with being civil.
To me, you no longer exist.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

So the weekend is over, it doesn't really mean much to me, im only in uni on Thursday & Friday.
I've spent most of it with Matty, usual doing nothing with him is so much more fun.
I can't stand being in this house anymore. I swear it's going to make me so ill.
The one housemate i love to bits has gone home, and won't be back until Wedsnesday.
What a bummer.
Over the weekend i finished SATC, so Im now watching the buffy boxset, i've never seen it before so im looking forward to getting into it. 4 episodes down, im not very convinced, i'll keep it going.
Whilst watching it I've just orderd 80 prints for my sketchbook, I've been looking into Indian fashion. Vogue India is actually amazing, it's my new favourite thing to read! So much going on it's wonderful. Luckily i only had to pay p&p. £3, money well spent.

My money situation is [pretty messed up. Stupid house deposit. I can't afford anything and it's making me miserable. I've found a lush jumper i'm going to buy at the end of the month when i can borrow some money off the rents. Roll on next loan. Next week we're off to Sheffield to see Matts mummy, im excited. Not seen her in ages! Be also nice to get out of Leeds for a few days, plus it'll be pancake day so hurrraahh!

Not sure on any Vday plans. I've never liked the day, even when i was single. Im not going to change my mind just because im in a relationship. I've made him a card and will buy him a cookie, but that's as far as it goes.

Pretty average post today. I'll try and make it more exciting tomorrow <3

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I've always been pale, even though im really dark.
When i go on go holiday i always tan and never burn. But i always feel as if you'll never get a tan like that, unless you go on holiday. So i jsst don't bother.
I've never been on a sunbed and i've never used fake tan.

Right now im watching Nicola Roberts: The Truth About Tanning. I can't believe how obessed some people are about being tanned. It's quite shocking actually. And all those health problems!

I'd much rather look like her now.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I need to design and make 3 garments based on the theme ''Cool Britannia.''
Im finding it really hard getting inspired about which area i want to go.
So i'm asking your opinion, what makes Britian British?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Yesterday i was very productive, i did two loads of washing, sorted out my room and cooked dinner for myself and Matty (standard.)
They all went out last night, I stayed in though and drank hot chocolate with my other housemate and watched SATC- it was lush!
But hearing your other housemate(s) having sex at 3.30am is never good. Infact, it's quite sickening.
Therefore today im in a stupidly bad mood, stupidly tired and i have a stupid amount of work to be getting on with.
My craving for one of these has gone through the roof!

Oh, in the tiny bit of sleep i did get i dreamt i was at the airport about to fly back to New York. Gutted when you wake up and realise it's so far away from being true.
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