Sunday, 7 February 2010

So the weekend is over, it doesn't really mean much to me, im only in uni on Thursday & Friday.
I've spent most of it with Matty, usual doing nothing with him is so much more fun.
I can't stand being in this house anymore. I swear it's going to make me so ill.
The one housemate i love to bits has gone home, and won't be back until Wedsnesday.
What a bummer.
Over the weekend i finished SATC, so Im now watching the buffy boxset, i've never seen it before so im looking forward to getting into it. 4 episodes down, im not very convinced, i'll keep it going.
Whilst watching it I've just orderd 80 prints for my sketchbook, I've been looking into Indian fashion. Vogue India is actually amazing, it's my new favourite thing to read! So much going on it's wonderful. Luckily i only had to pay p&p. £3, money well spent.

My money situation is [pretty messed up. Stupid house deposit. I can't afford anything and it's making me miserable. I've found a lush jumper i'm going to buy at the end of the month when i can borrow some money off the rents. Roll on next loan. Next week we're off to Sheffield to see Matts mummy, im excited. Not seen her in ages! Be also nice to get out of Leeds for a few days, plus it'll be pancake day so hurrraahh!

Not sure on any Vday plans. I've never liked the day, even when i was single. Im not going to change my mind just because im in a relationship. I've made him a card and will buy him a cookie, but that's as far as it goes.

Pretty average post today. I'll try and make it more exciting tomorrow <3

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