Monday, 1 February 2010

Yesterday i was very productive, i did two loads of washing, sorted out my room and cooked dinner for myself and Matty (standard.)
They all went out last night, I stayed in though and drank hot chocolate with my other housemate and watched SATC- it was lush!
But hearing your other housemate(s) having sex at 3.30am is never good. Infact, it's quite sickening.
Therefore today im in a stupidly bad mood, stupidly tired and i have a stupid amount of work to be getting on with.
My craving for one of these has gone through the roof!

Oh, in the tiny bit of sleep i did get i dreamt i was at the airport about to fly back to New York. Gutted when you wake up and realise it's so far away from being true.

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