Thursday, 4 February 2010

I've always been pale, even though im really dark.
When i go on go holiday i always tan and never burn. But i always feel as if you'll never get a tan like that, unless you go on holiday. So i jsst don't bother.
I've never been on a sunbed and i've never used fake tan.

Right now im watching Nicola Roberts: The Truth About Tanning. I can't believe how obessed some people are about being tanned. It's quite shocking actually. And all those health problems!

I'd much rather look like her now.


  1. agreed. pale is the way forward. people at school used to joke that i used so much suncream on hol that i came back paler than i went! ;) but i was actually a little bronzed..i don't agree with tanning on sunbeds at all..fair enough a little holiday tan but otherwise pale all the way. your skin will thank you for it 30 years down the line! my grandma used to be very pale and didn't tan often..she has the most beautiful skin now! she has hardly any wrinkles! weird for a grandma! x

  2. My mum LOVES Nicola even though my mum seems to hate every woman alive. My mum has style. And so does Nicola :D

  3. I love Nicola Roberts! And I am the same- so so pale with very dark hair. I do like it though even if I do look like a ghost when flash is used in photos! :)

    Maria xxx

  4. i am exactly the same! embrace the paleness. she looks so much better now! xxx


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