Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I need to design and make 3 garments based on the theme ''Cool Britannia.''
Im finding it really hard getting inspired about which area i want to go.
So i'm asking your opinion, what makes Britian British?


  1. umm hmm the obvious british symbols are the union jack, the bull dog, fish and chips ha and so on.

    in terms of models, i'd say kate moss, lily cole, daisy lowe are well known british figures?
    or think 90's with the spice girls maybe? i guess if i were to design clothes based on britain i'd do maybe like a mini dress, but nothing too slutty, like i'd make it quirky and kind of rocky/vintage a la camden, but stay away from the OTT american glamour? britains all about casual thrown together outfits right?

  2. i need to get away from the whole cliche side of it! im thinking maybe going along with literature, using phrases from books.
    Or go in the other way and do muti-cultural side of Britian.


  3. Nice blog! =]

    Red Phone Boxes
    Red Double Decker Buses
    Red Post Boxes
    Black Cabs
    The changing of the guard
    Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings
    Rain, lots of it.

    I'm not British so I'm not really sure as to what makes Britain British.

  4. shakespeare...romeo and juliet..hamlet..costume inspiration??
    sorry maybe that was literary randomness, but could be useful!?!



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