Saturday, 20 February 2010

It's been a while since i last posted.
Sheffield was ace, was lovely catching up with Matts friends and relaxing, even though the whole time i was there i had an awful cold, which I'm only just getting over. We ended up staying another night too cos neither of us wanted to come back to Leeds.
We got back on Thursday lunchtime, after around 2 hours i decided i couldn't actually hack being in the house, so i re packed my bag full of sketchbooks, photos and my laptop, came up to Matts and I've not been home since.
We've been watching non stop Olympics, playing some duck game on his PS3 (HIGHLY ADDICTIVE) and eating LOADS of crap food.
So much for loosing weight for Malta next month. UH.

This afternoon we've said we're going to be good and do loads of uni work each, so far I've not started.
I need to do stupid amounts of illustrations, i need to seriously make a good start on my briefs.

I'm still skint, i should finally get some money at the weekend, i still can't spend any of it though.
Mums coming up for a day in March, I'll save my shopping until then.

Desperate housewives will keep me sane this afternoon.

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