Friday, 16 October 2015


Week 12 started off with the knowledge of knowing I needed just lose 2.5lbs to get my stone award. Last Friday I had to put up with McDonalds breakfast and chip shop lunch in the office and home to James having a takeaway pizza, which was all too much for me and I did have a couple of slices. But from then on, I kept to plan, low on syns, continued with exercise and it all paid off, i did it. Yesterday evening I got my 1st stone award since joining after dropping 2.5lbs exactly which is a loss of 14lbs in 12 weeks.

On to what I've been eating in the past week. I've had a really boring samey sort of week food wise so everything you've seen you've seen before, sorry! With wanting to get my award I kept to dinners which were syn free and nothing experimental. But this week i'm really keen to get back in the kitchen and try some new dishes, I've gone through my new recipe books a handful of times and made a list of ones to try and the new magazine is out too so looking forward to going through that this weekend. I'm also planning on popping down to Iceland to pick up some new bits from the new Slimming World range, I've heard great things! No social plans this week either so no reason why i can't have another good week.

Exercise. Still really enjoying this! I attempted a 4 mile run on Saturday which actually ended up being 3.6 as I took a wrong turn which i was a little disappointed with but i'll try again tomorrow and hit the 4 mile mark. I went to my usual Pilates class on Sunday and Body Sculpt on Monday, after a 2 mile run and smashing my PB again! I also did another route which I first did 10 days ago and i knocked off 4 minutes! So really obvious improvements are being made and i'm really chuffed with it. 

Favourite meal last week? Cottage pie with gravy, really homely and so filling!
Learnt anything new? You don't need to eat a whole pizza, a couple of slices is more than enough as a treat!
Complete last weeks aims? Sure did! I got my award!
Aims for this week?  I'd like to up my miles this week as I've done the same for the past 2.
Any new dishes to try? Fish Cakes and some low syn brownies at least.
Wanting to lose? Let's keep up with the momentum, 2!
Time active? 3hs 38mins

Week One -3lbs
Week Two -3lbs
Week Three -1.5bs
Week Four -0.5lbs
Week Seven -0.5lbs
Week Eight  -1.5lbs
Week Nine -2lbs
Week Ten +0.5lbs
Week Eleven -1.5lbs 

Total loss: 14lbs


  1. Congrats of hitting 1 stone weight loss! I'm finding this series really inspiring :)

  2. Congratulations on getting your 1 stone award. I really like to see what meals you have been cooking & get some inspiration. I am stuck in a rut with my meals but trying to switch things up a little & try a few new recipes.

  3. Well done on your award :)

    Lauren x |

  4. Congratulations on your 1stone award! I did SW over summer and lost 11bs, but now I'm back at uni I've been off plan completely and I need to get back into it as I've noticed I've already put on a huge amount of weight already. It's just a lot harder with attending 2 weeks of freshers events and knowing dominos is open until 5am!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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