Monday, 19 October 2015


DRESS - Forever 21 // BAG - Michael Kors // SHOES - Replica Valentino Rockstud

Just to clarify I did wear this outfit at the start of September when it was milder, I think I’d freeze to death if I wore it now. Oh Summer, how I miss you so! I picked this dress up from Forever21 when I was down in London during the summer; I think it was only about £16. I paired it with my Michael Kors bag and replica Valentino Rock Stud heels (post here) which I’m still ridiculously in love with and highly recommend them! I actually wore this outfit a lot to work during the summer, cooling and comfy.

This photo set had been collecting dust in the depth of my laptop, I’d totally forgotten about them to be honest, but after having a really busy weekend and not managing to photograph anything I’ve had to rely on previously photographed content. Bit of a blogging tip for you there, when you have the chance to take photos don’t just do it for one or two posts, do it for as many as you can. That way you can keep your content going even when you’re really busy. I wasn’t planning on having a busy one, but it ended up being full of painting & decorating and building Ikea furniture. We live in a 3 bedroom house, and as it’s just the two of us and we don’t really have people to stay having two of the bedrooms as bedrooms/dumping rooms just seemed a waste. So we decided to have the spare bedrooms for what we wanted. Well, I should say more how I wanted! So, just like every girls dream, one of the bedrooms now has our wardrobes and chest of draws in and the other smaller one is where I do my makeup/hair etc.  It’s been painted white and I have white furniture in there, a vanity, bookcase (for shoes) and soon to be a big chest of drawers for all my blogging stuff. I’m honestly so excited to get it all sorted and tidy! I’m such a lucky girl to have a boyfriend who’s let me turn two bedrooms in essentially a walk in wardrobe and dressing room! Of course once it’s all sorted I’ll snap some photos and turn it all in to a blog post, I can’t wait to show you all!


Michael Kors Vipxo Vipxo Valentino Rockstud Replica 



  1. This such a great outfit and also a perfect fall transition outfit too. Love the bag and dress color combo too.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. love this dress

  3. Such a beauty Vic! You look absolutely stunning! x

  4. Super cute dress!

  5. I love this outfit. The shoes and bag are gorgeous

    Lauren x |

  6. Such a gorgeous colour on you and I love the bag! x

  7. Oh honey you look divine! That colour is SO great on you x

  8. You look lovely! I love those shoes <3 Great tip by the way ;) Xx


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