Friday, 9 October 2015


Week 11 went incredibly quick actually but it was a really good! I've lost 1.5lbs this week, meaning I've lot 11.5lbs in total and keeping me at an average loss of 1lbs a week. I'm super pleased with this as I've lost the 0.5lbs I gained plus another. It also means I'm now only 2.5lbs away from a stone! 

On to what I've been eating in the past week. I've had a really good week actually, stuck to plan as well as I could. I had my usual quiche for lunch which I've finally turned in to a blog post. I made two new dishes, chicken kiev and beef &red wine casserole which was my dinner for Sunday and Monday, very homely and filling. I was away with work on Tuesday night and I went out for dinner with an old friend, I had steak and chips. so steak was fine but syned the chips. I had breakfast at the hotel in the morning but kept it SW and left all the bread, croissants etc. which i didn't actually miss at all! I've had noodles a couple of times this week too, with lots of vege and either prawns or Turkey. I decided to make the Slimming World Bakewell Bites this week too, as usual I took photos as i went along so there will be a blog post soon. But they were lovely, only 2 syns each too! A nice sweet alternative after dinner.

Exercise. Another really good week, since Saturday I've ran 10 miles which is the most I've ever done and I attended my usual Pilates class on Sunday morning too. My running routes are now 3 miles each time (apart from Thursday where I do a sprinted mile before weigh in) and I'm going to try a 4 mile route tomorrow morning. I did a running blog post this week if anyone's interested in reading more about it. I'm keen to start PT sessions soon, I've got cardio down, abs and stretching down but I need to do something strength wise!

Favourite meal last week? Chicken Kiev turned out really well so I'll deffo be making that again, although it was a little bit fiddly and took longer than I thought.
Learnt anything new? My weightloss is noticeable to others now which is really nice.
Complete last weeks aims? Apart from my night out I did really well sticking to low syns. 
Aims for this week? To reach my stone award.
Any new dishes to try? I've got two new SW recipe books, Fakeaway and Extra Easy so i'm sure after a flick through them i'll have a list.
Wanting to lose? 2.5lbs would get me my stone!
Time active? 2hs 55mins

Week One -3lbs
Week Two -3lbs
Week Three -1.5bs
Week Four -0.5lbs
Week Seven -0.5lbs
Week Eight  -1.5lbs
Week Nine -2lbs
Week Ten +0.5lbs

Total loss: 11.5lbs

I'm putting together a Slimming World Q&A blog post together so if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.


  1. Keep it up! You're doing do well! x

  2. You're doing so well with Slimming World. You can really tell how much weight you've lost in that side by side photo comparison! You look bloody amazing!!
    You inspired me to join Slimming World too & I've just got my half stone certificate at the end of my fourth week.
    Your recipe ideas are great & I've tried the Turkey Pizzas after seeing them on here.
    Thanks for these posts!
    Jenna xo

    1. Ahhhhh Jenna! That's awesome! Well done you! :) I'm so pleased I could help. If you have a SW Instagram please let me know as i'd love to follow xo

    2. Hi Victoria,
      I've not got a dedicated instagram for SW, I'm just using my normal one which is 'heymallorie'.xo

  3. Well done, you are doing so well!

    Lauren x |

  4. You're doing so well! That quiche looks amazing, I definitely want to try making it. xx


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