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We all (well, most of us) wear make up, whether that's once a month or every day, so that also means we have to take it off too. I'd imagine you have your own routine, one that gets it off as quickly as possible or one which gives you a mini pampering session, but either way it has to come off. For years i only used make up removal wipes because it was the quickest and easiest thing to do. Not really knowing that your make up doesn't just sit on the surface, it gets in to all your pores too. I've always been really lucky with my skin, I don't break out, I don't have oily patches and to be honest it's never something I've worried about. I've been very slack with skin care but now I'm getting older I've started to think more about looking after my skin, so the first thing I did was change the way I take off my make up and give myself a real routine. I'm not saying what i do is right or wrong, but it's suited me and my needs...

Firstly I use some sort deep treatment wipe, usually I'll go for Clearasil as they have a really good range, but I don't really have a preference. This step is all for getting the first layer off. I then use an amazing product from Caudalie called 'cleansing water' which is a really lovely hydrating product. I like using this product for eye make up because it's obviously very light and I find it gets in to the nitty gritty bits like gel liner and mascara. Then comes my holy grail, Liz Earle 'Cleanse & Polish' (you can read a full post here) for deep cleansing. It's a very rich formulated cream which you work in to your skin and remove with the warm muslin cloth. You can really feel the product working and removing the days make up to leave your skin feeling incredibly clean. Finally, I'll use my favourite moisturiser from Sanctuary which is one of my favourite scents! It's again quite a thick formula but it blends it really nice and leaves my skin feeling really nourished and fresh. As you can see it's nothing special, it all takes less than 5 minutes, so it's not time consuming at all. You should always take your make up of, it's up to you which products you use but i think it's really important and should come in to your daily routine.

Which products do you use?

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  1. Great routine :) I really need to try the Liz Earle Cleanser, I usually take my make up off with an Avene cleanser and then use a face wash to deep cleanse, and finish with an Avene moisturiser :) xx


  2. I really want to get some kind of cleansing water for removing my eye make-up with. I use the No7 one at the moment, which is amazing for removing every scrap, but it's too oily for my skin! May have to try this one! x x

  3. I love the Sanctuary Body Butter, smells amazing! The Liz Earle is another great product. I like your routine. x

  4. very similar to what you use x

  5. Oh Liz Earle, such a great product, my all time favourite. The Caudalie sounds really good, I've been looking for something that will work well for removing eye make up x

  6. i used to hate taking my make up off but it's turned into a little bit of a pamper sesh for me lately :) i use any old face wipe first, then Korres 3 in 1 cleansing water to remove the rest, then a clinique face wash and clinique toner and then korres wild rose cream. oh my god that sounds like loads now i've written it down! eek! i really want to try some caudalie products, they sound so nice! xxx

  7. I use Clinique 3 step. Liz Earle Cleanser is great, and I really want to try Caudalie, I thought of buying travel pack just to try it out!

  8. I love the cleanse and polish x

  9. I use the Caudalie Elixir as a toner which I am sure you are well aware of the product but I am amazed there are so many other products by this brand that I was blissfully unaware of! I need to try this NOW haha

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  10. My favourite eye makeup remover is the Boots Botanics one. It leaves the skin around the eye area feeling really soft and nourished and it literally melts away makeup so there's no rubbing or pulling xx


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