Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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Since I've stopped biting my nails (awful habit) my nails have got to a really nice condition and length (apart from my thumb which broke, sob). For the past few months I've been really getting in to nail polishes/art and changing them a couple of times a week to try something new! A couple of weeks ago i turned to eBay to find some nail tools (currently lusting after this) and i came across some decals. Decals are the easiest kind of nail art because all you need is water and some clear polish. You don't have to fiddle about with brushes nor do you need a steady hand and usually, they're a lot cheaper, I currently have my eye on these designs too (here, here & here). As soon found these Chanel ones and i knew i had to have them! They don't take any time at all and i honestly think anyone can do it! Here's how to do it...

STEP 1 - Paint your nails a base colour, i would go for a lighter colour so the designs will show up.

STEP 2 Once dry, cut out the decals to the size you want. I used a square shape as i found it was easier to apply, but a circle will work just as well. With a pair of tweezers pick up the decal and run under water for a few seconds.

STEP 3- Press decal on to nail and hold for at least ten seconds and remove the backing. It will probably move, but that's a good thing because it'll give you the chance to move it and find a spot you like. Once you decided where to put the decal press down with tissue and pad out the water/bubbles.

STEP 4- It will only take a few seconds to dry, so then apply some clear polish to lock the decal in place and give you nail a finish.

Et voilà! You now have your designer nails for £1.99!

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  1. Oh I love these! Such a great idea :) and the idea of the nail stickers are such a good idea too! xxx

  2. That's really easy! I paint my nails every other day and usually don't have time for nail art, but this is great!

  3. Oh I just discovered decals in this post, I didn't know what they were ! They look amazing ! xx

  4. I was just thinking about doing this the other day, I'm especially wanting to try some peace sign nails :)

    Lovely little tutorial thanks darling!


  5. wow ♥ love it!
    i must try it.
    have a nice week darling!

  6. These look amazing!

    I'm definitely going to give them a go, spotted some cute tuxedo ones :) xx

  7. Straight off the catwalk at a high street price! I love it :) x

  8. The decals for nails have been rocking the blog world for a while now and I am loving them! I will definitely be picking some up and for 2 quid its a bargain. I am not too good with nail art personally but these look fool proof! Great post!

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  9. Wauw, what a smartass idea! :D They look fabulous.

  10. Lovely nails!

    - Olivia xx

  11. Those elephant ones are amazing, totally getting them looks like its a doddle!

  12. This is such a lovely idea! I love experimenting with nail designs. I've just found your blog and I'm a new follower (:

  13. great post! good idea, and stunning for such a cheap price.

    with love,

  14. These are so pretty! I don't bite my nails, but have a habit of biting the skin around them so my nails look in terrible condition right now. Good for you for kicking the habit! xx

  15. i love these! such a great idea, and i've never even heard of decals before, i need to get me some of these :) xxx


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