Monday, 23 April 2012


Lookbook | Chictopia
Shirt: Own The Runway*
Bracelet: Jon Richard*
Leggings: Primark | Boots: eBay
Bag: Vivienne Westwood

I first wore this outfit when I went out for birthday cocktails a couple of weeks ago and I've worn it a few times since. I mentioned last week that I'm loving this type of print at the moment and it's quickly becoming a wardrobe favourite! I just think it's the perfect statement piece and can easily be dressed up and down depending on what you're up to. I love that it's longer at the back!

Today is the first day i've stopped since Wednesday and i'm not going to lie it's very nice to be sat here in total comfort, tea in hand and not having to worry about getting ready to go out or something. As much as I love having an active social life, I have my own little routine to myself which I don't like to stray away from too much. It's also given me chance to catch up on all things blog related and emails, it's amazing how much things build up when you don't think about it for 4 days! I have had a lovely few days though, spending time with my friends from back home and laughing uncontrollably about nothing is always the best! I went to the pub quiz last night with my friends in Leeds and we came second! We've won some free meals this week so that'll be a nice evening out.

Right now I'm currently waiting for my Asda shop to arrive (so excited to have nice food) and then it's back to taking lots of photos of products for review. I've been trying out lots of new things which I'm really looking forward to telling you all about!

Don't forget today is the last day to enter my giveaway and the last week to get involved for advertising on my blog net month!

Have a lovely week whatever you're up to!

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  1. I love that shirt, and how you've let it stand out even more by wearing simple black accessories and shoes! loveee

    Have a good week yourself <3
    Kyrie x

  2. Big fan of this shirt, suits you so well! Gorgeous outfit!

  3. Mm I love baroque prints! x

  4. Love the shirt too and those shoes are awesome! :)

  5. You are so pretty and I love this shirt! it's so nice

    I'm not really a type that wears a lot of colours but I def want a shirt like this!

  6. you have styled this shirt so well, I find it hard to put things with a bold print. Lovely!

  7. that shirt is amazing! I'm loving this print as well at the moment, and also your hair is beaut! xx

  8. I bought those shoes from the exact same eBay shop! SNAP! Haha, have a great week too! :)

  9. Love the pattern on that shirt! Suits you lovely! x

  10. Love that shirt on you, the print is amazing ! xx

  11. Lovely outfit :) xx

  12. that shirt looks so perfect on you! i think its the nicest chain print piece of clothing i've seen, love it xx

  13. Love the shirt, it looks great on you!

    joanne from

  14. I love the print on your shirt, it looks great with the black accessories!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  15. freaking gorgeous! the boots is so classic and chic



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