Thursday 22 October 2015


Last week I popped down to my local Lush store (Nottingham) to have a look at their Christmas collection. I must admit I don’t get to go in as much as I used to so any chance to visit one of my favourite cities then I’m all over it, I even managed a cheeky trip to Primark too.

I’ve always been a big fan of Lush, I buy throughout the year, always have a box on my Christmas list and don’t get me started how much I spend in the annual sales.  Although purchasing my most loved bathbombs have taken a back seat as I don’t have a bath, just a big two person shower which isn’t quite the same. But even still, I was super excited to see their Christmas products.

Some are brand new, some re designed and others are festive favourites. I won’t go through them all as that would take me forever, but I’ll mention a few that caught my eye. I’ve added direct links to each of the products below should you want to try some for yourself.

NEW! Yog Nog. Lush says ‘A creamy Christmas tipple of a soap made with moisturising soya yoghurt and a dash of spicy clove bud. Indulge your senses in a fudgy lather with ylang ylang, moisturising Fair Trade cocoa butter and stimulating nutmeg. Dusted with a generous amount of aromatic fair trade cocoa powder, after one wash you’ll be ready to don your best Christmas knitwear.

NEW! The Magic Of Christmas. Lush says’ Foam alone? Stir up a whole lot of Christmas magic with this warming cinnamon stick. It's packed with punchy cinnamon leaf and Fair Trade Organic clove to stimulate the skin and boost circulation whilst fast forwarding you straight into the festive season! Treat Grinch-like moments by holding this spicy bubble wand under running water and slipping into a blanket of hot, almond bubbles.

Holly Golightly. Lush says ‘Lush says ‘Come on in out of the cold and wrap yourself up in this comforting Christmas bubble bar. Break the generously-sized pudding of a bubble bar into two and crumble under running water. With spicy cinnamon leaf and patchouli essential oils it's like bathing in a hot toddy, perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit. Organic illipe butter softens the skin while warming clove leaf oil is sure to get you feeling steamy. A tonic to mind and body!’

And finally, we have Little Snow Fairy. Lush says ‘The best things come in small fairytale packages so why not take the 'bah' out of humbug with the sweetest thing since mince pies and cream? Candyfloss scented Snow Fairy shower gel and gentle Pink fun serves up a shower and bubble bath more nostalgic than a trip to the sweet shop.’

Which products will you be putting on your list to Santa this year?

Lush Snow Fairy VipxoLush Yog Nog
Vipxo Lush Holly Go Lightly VipxoLush The Magic Of Christmas VipxoLush Golden Wonder VipxoLush Baked Alaska VipxoLush Dashing Santa VipxoLush Magic Wand VipxoLush Butterbear VipxoLush Peeping Santa VipxoLush Santas Belly VipxoLush Snow Angel VipxoLush Snowcake
VipxoLush Reindeer Rocks VipxoLush Stardust VIPXOLush Sweet Christmas VipxoLush Shoot stars VipxoLush golden Wonder Vipxo


  1. I LOVE the LUSH Christmas range, it also makes me feel so festive! xx

  2. I'm always in love with their Christmas range and this year's look so good.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. Gahhhh! This post just makes me so happy! I'm having to restrain myself from visiting Lush at the moment as I think I'll end up buying half the shop! x

  4. ahhh all these goodies are making me excited for Christmas, especially Lush's Christmas goodies :D, they all look so good!

  5. The Magic of Christmas and Santa's Belly have got to be my favourites from this year's collection!

  6. I love these!! so cute -- lush is the best

  7. Your photos are all amazing! I'm so happy when I see pictures of Lush products haha. The Christmas range has always been my favourite, I'm looking forward to trying Yog Nog! Reindeer Rock looks so cool as well, I'd never seen this one before.
    Thanks for the descriptions of all the products, that's very useful :)

    Julia xx
    Come to explore Paris with me! |

  8. This has made me so excited for christmas!

  9. They all look so gorgeous, glittery and golden! My favourites are the Butterbears but everything just looks simply amazing... roll on winter! :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow

  10. The Lush Xmas range is <3 Cinders, Stardust and The Magic Of Christmas were my faves this year! x

    Christina Marie -

  11. They're all so beautiful!!! I'm ridiculously excited for lot's of Lush baths at Christmas! x

    India Charlotte♥

  12. I really LOVE the collection for Christmas this year! The only thing I've picked up so far is Reindeer Rock soap, which I love so much from last year. :)

  13. Oh wow! I love everything they do that glitters and there's so much here I can't wait to get stuck into :)

    Charlotte - xx


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