Monday, 30 April 2012


This type of post as been requested quite a lot and i really enjoy reading them so i thought for the month of April I'd show you some products I've been loving and reaching for every day!

This Caudalie Beauty Elixir has been doing the rounds in the blogging world for a while now and after using it a couple of times i decided to bring it in to my collection for April. It does a exactly what it says on the bottle, it leaves my skin looking fresh with a dewy glow. A great product for using before you've applied your make up and after. I've mentioned this foundation a lot and you can find it in action quite frequently on my Fridays Face. It's a lovely one from Avon and it's just perfect for me. It's light enough make me feel as though i haven't got anything on but it also gives me amazing long lasting coverage. I've done a more detailed post about this so if you're interested please click here. This blush palette is also a product I've been raving about for the past month and I've been reaching for it pretty much every day. Again Ive done a full review so if you want to read that please go here and if you want to get your hands on this fab £5 palette from eBay please visit this seller.

I know i only did a full review of the Maybelline colour tattoo eye shadows last week but considering I've been wearing them every day since i got them i thought I'd include it in here too! For years now I've only used liquid eye liner, the thought of using gels just seemed to difficult and messy but when i received this New Cid one after their event back in January i thought I'd give it a go this month and I'm glad i did. There are 3 liner colours in black and greys and they're made up of a really nice and consistent formula. I've already hit pan on the black one but the greys are dark enough to substitute. It applies beautifully with a brush and the wear is fantastic, if anything i sometimes find it quite a challenge removing it all at the end of the day! Finally this jumbo eye pencil from NYX has just made my eyes pop! I use this in the corners of my eye and on my water line and I've found it's made my eyes look a lot more fresh! It's a good product to use for a base too!

These love heart lip balms from MUA Cosmetics have barely left my lips this month! I find that when the weather changes dramatically it really effects the condition of my lips and it's pretty cold in my flat too! I'm sure you'll agree with me when i say there's nothing worse than sore/chapped lips! These little pots are have a lovely vanilla scent, they leave your lips feeling hydrated and they also add a slight colour! They're great for carrying around and at only £2 each it's certainly not going to break the bank!

I noticed over the past few months that my hair had started to look a little worse for wear and the routine i had wasn't really working anymore so i decided to try out some products and see if i could get it back in to a nice condition. I'd heard a lot about hair oils so i was really pleased to see a sample of Macadamia oil in a recent Jolie Box. I liked the product so much i went and bought a bigger bottle on buyapower last month. It leaves my hair feeling very soft, sleek and much easier to manage! I've also been loving the John Frieda repair range and this by far is my favourite product, I've actually used this whole tub up which is a little disappointing because it only lasted about 4/5 washes (but then i do have quite thick and long hair so i do have to use more product) but i will certainly be buying a replacement. A full review of the repair range will be up in a couple of weeks for those interested!

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  1. I absolutely love the On and On Bronze Colour Tattoo but I have mixed feelings on the eBay blush palette... some days I like it and sometimes I think I can tell that it's really cheap! Fab post x

  2. Ooh some lovely stuff here, definitely need to try out the the pencil from NYX and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I swear by Macadamia oil!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. I so want to try out the caudalie beauty elixir! Iv heard so many good things!

  4. I practically want to try everything I've seen now haha! Especially the colour tattoo :)

  5. Read your review and got the blush, such a bargain! Just have to wait for it to arrive now :( x

  6. I bought the Avon foundation last week - its amazing, I've never had a better coverage! Xo

  7. Oooh hello Blush Palette you are now mine!! xo

  8. I love the Caudalie Elixir and fully blame Anna for starting the hype ha. I am a total convert and douse this all over my face after cleansing with the Chanel Pureté which is another dose of heaven in a bottle.

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  9. Oooh I got the blush palette after reading your posts and LOVE it!!!

    Still haven't tried the eye tattoos...


  10. This blushers palette looks fabulous ! And the color tattoos are amazing ! xx

  11. I really want to try that foundation! But I have quite oily skin, do you think it would be suitable? I think Avon products are such good value for money!

  12. I've had to order the Claudalie Beauty Elixir - blogger hype is my weakness and it just sounds so god damn good! Loving the colour tattoo as well.

  13. need to checkout the maybelline tattoos really badly!!

  14. I got the blush palette after your post and I'm obsessed with it, its amazing quality I can't beleive it was £5 :-)


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