Sunday, 29 April 2012


A lot of these items come in other colours and styles

Thanks for everyone who has got in touch; I currently have a few items on my list. If you want me to have a go at finding an item for you please get in touch via Formspring and I'd be happy to help! But please be patient, I will try my best to find your item but sometimes it can take me longer than others. Also, please keep in mind that i won't be able to find everything you suggest, there are certain limits on eBay that even i can't get around!

(I've added some items to my own eBay account! Please click here if you're interested!)

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  1. Love those collar tips!!!
    These posts are really useful - thanks :) xxx

  2. These are some of my favorite posts of yours! I've been looking for some collar tips, but am yet to find the perfect shirt for them!

    Lou xx
    Bits & Bobs

  3. I have those shoes in my shop fancy steps with the red sole they are so super hoot !!! love your blog

    curves ahead

  4. amazing pieces :) love the red sole heels and the collar tips. I bet they would look amazing worn.

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  5. loving the red sole shoes and the neon satchel :) xx

  6. ah, you've done it again; the collar tips & neon satchel must be mine! your blog is wonderful at the moment victoria, by the way. a daily read! xxxxxx

  7. those shoes !!!!!!


  8. Well thats my pay cheque spent ;) x

  9. loving this post... am on the verge of buying 1, 2 and 3!!

  10. I just brought the collar tips! Can't believe how cheap they are, just need to find a shirt to put them on.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  11. i just want to say a massive thank because of your ebay posts i was able to find the perfect gift for a friend which i wouldnt of been able to do otherwise!! :)


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