Thursday, 29 September 2011


Blushing Rose / Peachy Keen

I love ELF products, I’ve been a massive fan for a while now and have mentioned them a couple of times on the blog. So when I get a chance to buy a few more products I’m always there in a flash! I’m often checking out their latest items on their website and even though they’re really cheap as it is I don’t like paying postage on items online, so I usually wait until there’s a code floating about. This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago!

I love their Radiance Blushers and I currently own 3, but I thought it was time to try out another range of their blushes. Their studio line is brilliant, they have a wide range of products to choose from and even though they cost a couple of pounds more than the other ranges they’re still so reasonable that you’re still getting a bargain.

I’ve been using my bronze blusher for a while, and as much as I love it I wanted something a little more pinky. So the first one I choose was ‘Blushing Rose’ which reminded me a little bit of Nars Orgasm with the immediate pink tone with gold specks running through. It’s a beautiful colour because the shimmer really adds another dimension and the pink keeps it pretty and girly, the colour payoff is really good! I’ve been wearing it for a couple of weeks now and I really like it, it’s deffo a new favourite!

The second one I got was and I was a little disappointed because I didn’t think it looked like its picture much. But it is still really nice, again very pigmented and adds texture over another colour. It’s very light so it’s perfect over a matte blusher if you wanted to add a bit of shimmer to it and create a new look!

Have you ever tried Elf blushes? What do you think?



  1. I have two of their studio blushes; Candid Coral and Berry Merry. I love them, although Berry Merry is more of a winter colour as it's a plum tone. I think they're great! Hope you're having a fantastic time in Canada! (I am very jealous)
    Ashleigh x

  2. I love ELF too! I found some of their radiance blushers didn't actually show up on my skin but I'm yet to try their studio blushes. I love most of their studio range so will definitely be getting some when there is next a code around xx

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  3. I like Elf's blushes; I've got Tickled Pink and it's so easy to apply and looks natural! x

  4. I have both of those blushes and love them - I've hit pan on the Blushing Rose so must restock soon! :) x

  5. Im yet to try ELF but really want to try the blushes after reading your post! Heard such good things about all their products

  6. I have just one from the studio line and don't like it, maybe cuz it's pink (tickled pink) and I'm more peachy/golden girl.

  7. I recently got my hands on the blush/bronze set from the studio line (as the ones i wanted had sold out in the sale) and i do love the colour, i just wish it would last a bit longer! i do love the studio range though xx

  8. I have bought them and they are fab, they studio ones are obviously a bit better but they all are very good. I bought some for University rather than trailing them home and back every so often!

    I have done a blog post about what I bought and I agree..ELF is great

  9. I love Blushing Rose, especially when I'm wearing a dark red/berry lip - I think it compliments the colour really well!



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