Wednesday, 28 September 2011


So here I am, I’m in Canada! It’s currently 2pm and I’ve come online to try and do some work. But of course I’m getting distracted by all things blog related!

Everything went brilliantly yesterday, there were no delays (well, apart from being 40 mins late getting in to Amsterdam and it meant rushing across one side of the airport to the other!) and I was surprised with how quickly it went and how much food we were given! I watched the film Bridesmaids which was so funny I was laughing out loud! In the end I ended up being up for 25 hours, and I’m starting to feel tired again now but alas, this jet lag will not defeat me!

Here are just a few pics from yesterday, they’re not anything exciting but at least it gives you an idea of what I saw out of the window! The second pic is after leaving Europe, the mountain pics are of Greenland (which seemed to go on forever!) the city pic is Vancouver and then the sky pic is on the boat to Vancouver Island (where I am)

My grandparents don’t have wi fi which is a bit annoying, but it’s not so bad. It just means doing everything on my laptop then transferring to their desk top which could take a while! But oh well, at least I’m connected to the world in some way!

I hope you’re all well and smiling! Hopefully will be able to post again tomorrow!



  1. Gorgeous photos! Greenland really does seem to go on forever, I remember thinking that! Hope you have a wonderful time out in Canada :).


  2. wow they're some amazing shots!
    Hope you have the greatest of times

  3. Have lot of fun, the photos look awesome. xx

  4. Looks amazing, my dad lives on vancouver island, its not the most up to date place but its really beautiful - enjoy x

  5. im mad jealous! have a fab time!!! xx

  6. How exiting :) Hope you have an amazing time and keep us all updated!

    The Deer Head


  7. These photos are gorgeous!

  8. AWW you're going to be on the Island? I'm sure it'll be pretty in the fall and I mean the ferry can be somewhat charming lol! I live in Vancouver and I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here! Hopefully it won't rain too much for you :P

  9. Sounds like you're having a great time! 25 hours! Wow! I flew over Greenland earlier this year when I went to San Francisco and it was absolutely stunning. I love airplane window photos! :) x

  10. Them views are amazing! Majorly jealous ):
    Ashleigh xx

  11. those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! i love looking out the window on aeroplanes.. but it always kinda freaks me out because you seem to move so slowly?

    hope you have an amazing time in Canada, its a beautiful place! xxx

  12. Glad you had a good trip! I used to go to Canada once a year but sadly this year I can't afford it. Those pics are lovely, especially the ones of Greenland!
    I looooved Bridesmaids, haven't laughed that much at a film in a long time!

  13. Love the photos! Hope your having a lovely time with your grandparents!


  14. hope you have a brilliant time lady! cant wait to hear all about it xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  15. Lovely photos, have a great time! x

  16. Wow, these pictures are so amazing!
    I am just doing my semester abroad on Vancouver Island and I basically took the same pictures flying into Vancouver with KLM - and had the same rush with changing planes in Amsterdam as well (I came from Germany though)
    Hope you like Canada!

  17. Amaaaaaaaazing pics! I'm so jel ;) Have fun dude xx


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