Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ok, again it's been another delayed post. Matt ended up staying a couple more days so i've not had chance until now.
The rents, Myself and Matt all headed down to London on Saturday afternoon, we went in Mums new car so it was sooo comfy! Me and Matt stayed at my auntys that night, knowing that the next night we'd be in a hotel, but that's all i knew! Had a lovely chilled out evening drinking and playing the Wii.
Next day the rents picked us up and took us to the hotel, which had been decorated with 21st banners, balloons and confetti!
We had to be ready for half 7 and a taxi would be picking us up.
So i did my face, but on my new ASOS dress that i got for a right bargin on Ebay and i was ready to go!

We ended up at this Greek resturant, which was really exciting as i'd never had Greek food before! I walked to the back of the room and there was this massive table, full of people! My aunty and uncle, my grandad, parents and then to my massssive suprise my God Parents, aka, my parents best friends from when they were
younger! It was amazing, it was so lovely seeing them again. I've not seen Trisha and her husband since i was 7, and then John not for a good few years, and he's an amazing character so being around him is always a giggle!
We ate, drank and annoyed everyone off beacuse we were being so loud!

So as you can i see, an evening full of fun! I had a lovely time, and im so grateful for everyone who made it what it was!

I have another suprise on Friday, and then im back upto Leeds on Saturday for more suprises. It's exciting, but scary getting older!

This week i've gotta crack on with work, yesterday i did about 4 hours worth and felt better for it.
But first, hot cross buns are calling me!

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