Thursday, 8 April 2010

Off to Nottingham with mum tomorrow, i need to buy some new shoes for my birthday dress and a new mascara. Can you help?

Im also undecided about my hair, i have a perfect look for Saturday night but im thinking it's going to be hard to achieve.
So do i wash it tonight, and just keep it tied in a bun so it's all lovely and wavy for the next few days, wash it tomorrow morning and have it damp and tied up or wait until tomorrow night and go to bed with it tied up. Be so much easier if i had my GHDS with me! I don't think i'll have time on Saturday to do it propa.
So annoying!

My friend Mark from London has confirmed he's deff coming up, which will be ace! It's looking like a good number will be there. Not so happy about the ''friends'' who are being ignorant and ignoring me, that i find so rude. A simple ''No, i won't be attending'' will be fine.

Todays been kinda boring, my friend Dan came over today, which was lovely cos i've not seen him in over year, however because of the massive work load, i didn't get to see him long! :( so after he went i was back to being bored.

Im going to have a bath soon and read my book.

Im excited to get my Vogue and Look magazines which have been delivered to my house in Leeds.

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