Monday, 12 April 2010

Words can't even explain how amazing the people in my life are.
I had the most amazing birthday ever, thanks to my best friends.

I spent the morning with Mum and Dad, they gave me a beautiful engraved charm bracelet, a Vivienne Westwood purse, a Vivienne Westwood charm necklace and charm, a 21st butterfly key, and this lovely lamp which burns and gives off scents. But im not going to use that until i move into my new place. Plus other little bits.

I got the train with Laurens boyfriend in the afternoon and met up with her and Rachel and went for some lunch, they sang happy birthday to me, in front of everyone on the train. They gave me a helium balloon and a birthday sash, highly embarrassing, but typically them. They gave me a lovely locket, which im going to stick little pics of them in it. Also a card full of photos of us all.

People started arriving in the late afternoon, and the drinks were flowing, thanks to the lush weather that day we all stood outside the back of the house all evening.
Chris and Martin gave me a massive birthday cake, 3 Twlight posters and a lush 21st photo frame!

In the end i think i had about 25 people in my house, not everyone came out though. Went to Halo around 11pm. I had VIP passes and had my own table, but we didn't really sit down and just spent the whole night dancing.
I felt it yesterday, dear me. Everyone has said to me ''I've never seen you that drunk before'' and yep, i probably haven't. Because i never let myself get like that, but once in a while is ok!
I had the best night, with the best people and im so pleased to say i know exactly who my friends are!

Everyone went home yesterday and i spent the whole day passed out.
Today i've put everything away and had a good sort out.

Im on a major downer though, i miss everyone already and it sucks!
I only took pics before we left, Lauren has pics from the night out so really looking forward to seeing them!

Hopefully going to stay with Matts mum this week, i know i shouldn't because of the work load but i need to do something!

I swear i've missed loads out but so much happened it's not easy to remember!

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