Wednesday, 27 January 2010

All the housemates went out last night, i thought i'd stay at Matts as i always get a crap nights sleep being as my bed is over the front door. Plus he handed in all his work so we major chilled out. Im back to uni tomorrow so today was my last stress fee day until probably April.
I went into town, mainly to buy some nail varnish. My nails are at a dencent length now to paint so i thought i'd shop around. (used to bite when stressed)
Came acorss NYC make up brand. At around £2.50 a pot i thought it was quite reasonable and if you brought two items you got a free pair of eyelashes! Can't complain.
I really like how all the colours are named after places in New York City.
I brought another ''Chinatown'' which is a purpley/blue. I'll try that one next week.

I need to tidy my room and attempt to get sorted for tomorrow.
Also, need to pick an outfit. I have to decided the night before otherwise i get major stressed in the morning. Anyone else do that??

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