Thursday, 28 January 2010

Frist day back at Uni today was just as awful as i had thought.
Within the first 10 mins we were told we all had to make changes to our dresses we made last term. I'd love to know how im going to do that when mine is based on Alexander McQueen.

Imimagine the frist one quilted, and from neck to ankle. Heres my flat:
i was really pleased with how it turned out, only problem is once it's together, no way in hell is it coming apart.

We also need to do a fashion shoot, one person can fit in it, and she's probably not going to be around to help me. kill me, kill me now.

We got our briefs today, our mini collection will be based on ''Cool Britianna'' which could be pretty amazing or totally hideous. Time will tell. 3 garments shall be made between now and 6th May 2010.
A 3000 word essay must also be completed about Eco- Fashion, im quite looking forward to that.

I was meant to get my marks back for my PPD today, that didn't happen. It's a total piss lesson anyway. She only got my work today, funny when it was handed in on 19th Dec 2009. I didn't stay long.

Tonight im going to start my learning contract, watch a lot of Sex And The City and eat a massive pepper stir fry!

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