Sunday, 24 January 2010

A phone call with my boyfriend and 10 hours sleep have made me feel a lot better. I still feel the same, but whats the point in stressing about things that are out of my control?

Today im going to make Valentines cards, i love making cards and my mum has SO MUCH stuff to use. IM EXCITED!
Dads home made soup for dinner, nomnom. I love being home.

Oh, had a dream last night i was in the Twlight: Eclispe film, i know it's not out for ages yet but im now really excited about it, and dreaming about Robert Pattinson is ALWAYS a way to brighten up your day!

Even though it's only late January but today is the first day it feels like it's getting closer to Spring, and that means my 21st! Scary!

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