Saturday, 23 January 2010

All of a sudden I've felt this overwhelming sadness.

I don't feel happy with where i am, or where I'm going. There are so many things i wish i had, or that i didn't.
I'd like to be the one person a friend always goes too, instead of being the last one to find out. I'd like people who are meant to be my friends to stop slagging me off, and my actual friends to notice me. I don't have that one friend to talk too and no one ever realises that.

The thought of going back to that house on Monday makes me want to be sick.
The thought of not knowing what i want makes me want to run.


  1. I do feel the exact same at times, the overwhelming sadness is a bitch isn't it! I really enjoy reading the beginning of your blog :)

  2. "I don't have that one friend to talk too and no one ever realises that."
    I know exactly what you mean. I always struggled to maintain friendships with other girls and they nearly always ended up just leaving me out of things and it felt as though they just forgot I existed. Does that make sense?
    I always felt there was something seriously wrong with me, or else I must actually be this total bitch or something. =/
    Still haven't figured this one out.
    I've been going through your archives because I find your blog so inspiring, and finding this post really made my heart soar, to feel like I wasn't alone in feeling like that sometimes.
    Thank you.


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