Wednesday, 31 August 2011

So I've FINALLY had the time to do a blog post mentioning who has won my 2000 follower giveaway! I did actually go through all entries on the day it ended and tweeted/contacted all those who won but now you all get to see!

Thanks again to everyone who entered, there was an amazing response with 675 valid entires and I'm so pleased with those who won as a couple have been with me for a long time which makes the whole 'thank you' seem very relervent!

So here they are...SJ who picked the bag, Elle who picked the jewellery, Nicole who picked the batiste Hair , Michelle who picked the cushion, Katie who picked the make up and Beth who picked the beauty goodies!

Well done again, and thanks to everyone who entered! All the prizes will be on their way to you this weekend! YAY! I'll be back again with a giveaway when i get to 3000!

(Oh and i'm sure i'm going to get asked, so if you want proof~ click here & here!)


Monday, 29 August 2011


Lookbook | Chictopia
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins| Dress: eBay
Tights/Shoes/Sunglasses: Primark

I can't help but LOL at the first picture, i was having a bit of a stupid hyper moment and this was too funny not to use! But at least it shows good movement from my new skater dress. Remember i blogged about it in the week? Well it arrived two days later and it was love at first sight. The fit is amazing, the colour is true and i recommend it 100%! I'm so going back and buying the remaining colours. They're really nicely lined too so it's really comfortable to wear.

So this weekend Ive been back home with my parents (Matt came too) and some of my family from London came up to visit! Lots of laughs, food, drinks and great conversations were had and I'm currently feeling very sad to be back in Leeds and back to reality! But it's only another 3 weeks to go until i see my parents again for my graduation so it's not that long to wait really!

I've got a bit of a busy week planned, I'm working tomorrow and Wednesday and then I'm down to London with some fellow bloggers for the glossy box event on Thursday! I'm so excited to be going somewhere different with lovely ladies and will totally let my hair down! The 3 hour train trip back to Leeds on Friday might be interesting though, I'm pretty certain the drinks will be flowing long in to the small hours!

Just before i go i just want to say thanks to anyone who has tweeted/messaged me over the past couple of days! I'm not bringing dramaz on my blog but i just want to say that it's very much appreciated and you're all fab!

There's only two days left for those wanting to advertise/sponsor my blog, please click here if you're interesed!

Hope you all have a lovely week whatever you have planned!


Sunday, 28 August 2011



Thanks for everyone who has got in touch; I currently have a lot items on my list. If you want me to have a go at finding an item for you please get in touch via Formspring and I'd be happy to help! Please keep in mind that i won't be able to find everything you suggest, there are certain limits and eBay that even i can't get around!

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


( click to see a larger pic)

During one of my evening eBay searches last week i came across some skater dresses in a good choice of colours. I'm a big fan of these kind of dresses! I think they're really flattering, can be dressed up or down and are prefect for all seasons. I thought the price was really reasonable, but i couldn't decide whether to get one or not so in the end i just left it. But when a lovely request came to me this afternoon asking to find them again, i fell in love and was soon clicking the 'buy it now' button and confirming a payment for the blue one! (I will probably buy them all at some point)I'm so excited to get it, i already have a pink one in the same style which is one of my favourite buys from this year!

Do you like these dresses? Will you be treating yourself?

There's also this seller who do a couple more colours and have a bigg size range!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Lookbook | Chictopia
Top: Peacocks | Jeggins: Vero Moda
Vivienne Westwood
Primark | Rings: JWLRY

I’ve been trying to post this blog post for ages but thanks to my laptop ‘not responding’ to anything I want to do it’s taken me a lot longer than usual. But alas, better late than never!

I’ve got some pretty exciting news for you all (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll already know) as yesterday I started my brand new job. I went for an interview type meet thing on Thursday and they offered me a job there and then! I’m now a content writer for a media company in Leeds. I think I’m going to really enjoy it there and everyone seems so lovely! I’m only doing two days a week at the moment, which is really good for me because it means I can still do bloggy related things and I can write articles whilst I’m away in Canada (4 weeks away!) Today was spent writing about Vivienne Westwood shoes, which was a really nice easy subject to write about! So as you can imagine I’m pretty excited about what’s going on right now! Also want to give a bit of a thank you to Laura who also works there too because if it wasn’t for her reading my blog I wouldn’t have known anything about the job and wouldn’t as stress free as i now am!

Myself and Matt are going back to my home this weekend, it’s a very spontaneous trip as it was only planned on Sunday, my aunt and uncle are coming to visit so we’ve tied it all together! So a big thank you to the rents for paying the train fare! (even though I have a job I’m still living off savings for the time being!) I’m really looking forward to it and having some lovely home cooked food!

I'm starting to run low on the clothing in my shop now and i won't be replacing anything! So get in there before it's gone. I'm also posting tomorrow for anyone who wants something!

It’s taken me so long to write this, my tiredness isn’t helping me string sentences together easily so on that note….


Sunday, 21 August 2011



I can't believe this is the 4th edition already! This is a personal favourite because i actually have a couple of these items and i love them so much and really do get my wear out of them so i thought I'd share them with you! These have all been requested over the past few weeks so i hope you get something you want out of it too! I know some of these items are low on stock, so if you want something and it's sold out and let me know because chances are i'll be able to find someone else!

Thanks for everyone who has got in touch; I currently have a lot items on my list. If you want me to have a go at finding an item for you please get in touch via Formspring and I'd be happy to help! Please keep in mind that i won't be able to find everything you suggest, there are certain limits and eBay that even i can't get around!

I'm still being asked to find some JCs so please click here! If you're someone who asked about them.

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Saturday, 20 August 2011


(Lucy, Kate, Charlotte & Laura)

Last night i attended the Joe Browns A/W event in Leeds. It was so nice being invited to something just down the road and really easy to get to! I've known about Joe Browns for about 8 years now as i used to get their magazine and bought some converse equivalents when i was about 15! So when i got my invite i was really excited to see how they had changed and what they were planning for A/W! We heard some really interesting stories from the man himself and what the lovely ladies from buying had been working on for next season. It was really nice to hear about the company from a really personal point and how they really do care about their customers.

We were presented with (very Strong) margaritas on arrival and there nice range of Mexican food to choose from! We also had the chance to try on some items from the new collection, had a tour of the offices and a few even had a go at venting out work anger (i quote Lucy on that one one) by hitting a Piñata in to tiny pieces! Que photo evidence!

We also got a really cute goodie bag filled with chocolate, a sample from the A/W range, a very yummy cupcake and a very generous gift voucher!

I had a really fun night, it was lovely to see Jen & Laura again and to finally meet Lucy, Kate, Charlotte, Lauren, Laura, Hayley & Jamie who i didn't actually get to meet!(please let me know if i've missed you off!)

Thanks again Joe Browns for a providing a nice end to the week!


Friday, 19 August 2011


(To see which eyeshadow i used click here!)


Thursday, 18 August 2011


I’m not one to spend a lot of money on my make up, I find that I tend to stick to the same products and will very rarely ‘branch out’ (I’ve often made reference to the fact that I don’t really know much when it comes to make up!) I've also found that you can never really get an idea of a product until you try it yourself. We’re all different; we all have different skin types, face shapes and tones so if something looks a certain way on someone else it doesn’t mean it’ll look the same for you. This is why I tend to stick to my own little routine. However, when a reasonably priced make up range comes up I will indulge, I’ve used items from Beauty UK before and was really impressed so when I got the chance to try some more products I was really excited! I’ve been using their baked eye shadow in #4 Beach for just under two weeks now and so far I’m in love. It’s probably my favourite product of this year so far and I’ll definitely be buying the remaining 5 others, this being the first one. The colour pay off is brilliant, it’s so long lasting and the best part is it’s only £3.99! Therefore not breaking the bank and you might find something you never knew was missing in your collection! If you want to see this eyeshadow in action come back tomorrow for Fridays Face.

So have you used products from them before? Will you be trying these baked shadows?


Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Nails are from here!

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