Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Lookbook | Chictopia
Top: Peacocks | Jeggins: Vero Moda
Vivienne Westwood
Primark | Rings: JWLRY

I’ve been trying to post this blog post for ages but thanks to my laptop ‘not responding’ to anything I want to do it’s taken me a lot longer than usual. But alas, better late than never!

I’ve got some pretty exciting news for you all (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll already know) as yesterday I started my brand new job. I went for an interview type meet thing on Thursday and they offered me a job there and then! I’m now a content writer for a media company in Leeds. I think I’m going to really enjoy it there and everyone seems so lovely! I’m only doing two days a week at the moment, which is really good for me because it means I can still do bloggy related things and I can write articles whilst I’m away in Canada (4 weeks away!) Today was spent writing about Vivienne Westwood shoes, which was a really nice easy subject to write about! So as you can imagine I’m pretty excited about what’s going on right now! Also want to give a bit of a thank you to Laura who also works there too because if it wasn’t for her reading my blog I wouldn’t have known anything about the job and wouldn’t as stress free as i now am!

Myself and Matt are going back to my home this weekend, it’s a very spontaneous trip as it was only planned on Sunday, my aunt and uncle are coming to visit so we’ve tied it all together! So a big thank you to the rents for paying the train fare! (even though I have a job I’m still living off savings for the time being!) I’m really looking forward to it and having some lovely home cooked food!

I'm starting to run low on the clothing in my shop now and i won't be replacing anything! So get in there before it's gone. I'm also posting tomorrow for anyone who wants something!

It’s taken me so long to write this, my tiredness isn’t helping me string sentences together easily so on that note….



  1. congrats on the job! and how fun is it to be writing about shoes, so yay for that.
    love the colours of your top! two of my favourite colours with purple being my ultimate fave. I'm actually wearing a purple top today lol and also a ring very similar to yours!

    Have a gorgeous day!

  2. congrats on your new job, sounds amazing! Also I´m a big fan of the tshirt combined with the bright red nails. The VW necklace is so gorgeous as well! x

  3. Lovelove the Vievienne Westwood necklace ^___^ xx

  4. I really love your top and the Vivienne Westwood necklace! Congrats on the new job! xx

  5. great news on the job - I sure wouldn't mind musing about VW shoes all day ;) you look lovely, love the colourful top. xx

  6. Sounds like a dream job! Love your nails and all the jewellery.

  7. Lovely outfit, the top is really nice.
    So happy for you :) How exciting it is to start a new job, glad all the people are nice- hope it goes well

  8. So jealous of the necklace! I used to have one but sold in on Ebay during a super skint phase...

    B xo

  9. Yay thanks for the shout out again lovely. I'll be checking my analytics Yeh? ;)

    :) loving these colours on you, dunno if I told you today !

  10. I love the top!
    And congrats on the job!! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  11. I love your shirt! The colour combination is perfect :)

  12. congrats, congrats, congrats on the job! that's really fantastic and i hope you are well proud of yourself!
    ...writing about vivienne westwood shoes...not bad a work day ;)

    have fun this weekend with matt & family!

    alissa b

    p.s. how fab is your hair in this post?

  13. Really love the rings you are wearing in this post. Congratulations on the new job, that is fab news! xxx

  14. Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect job, I hope you enjoy it. I love your VW necklace too!

  15. Massive congrats on your new job! I love your necklace, amaze! x

  16. congrats! i love the outfit too, that colour block top is lovely.:) http://openboxjewels.blogspot.com/ XX

  17. Congratulations!! That sounds like such a pretty cool job!
    You look lovely in these pics, love the colours x

  18. Love your nail colour!! and your necklace is so cute



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