Monday, 30 May 2011


For those of you have asked, here are some of the pictures i have from the fashion show. I'm still waiting for other photographers to show thier pics but these are the best ones i have right now (I didn't get good ones of the other two outfits) How much do i look like i'm about to pass out from nerves?!


Saturday, 28 May 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

This is a totally LOL outfit! It's not something i would go for, but the other day i was having a sort out of my clothes and found my denim skirt that i haven't gotten in to in about 3 years so i thought why not, i paired it with a boys polo top from Primark and voila chavtastic (for me anyways). The first of the sunglasses are my Vivienne Westwood ones (I'm also selling a pair as I'd bought two by mistake!) and the second i believe are from M&S which i got in my Look Show goody bag!

So Thursday was the fashion show, from the designers point of view it was brilliant. From the organization side of it it was horrendous. Massive dramas have now happened and in all honesty it's kinda ruined the whole lead up/night of it all. But hey, what can you do?! I do have some* pictures. I'm still undecided about posting them though, so let me know. I feel as though I've bored you all to death about it all! Sorry about that!

As a 'congratulations/well done' present my parents very kindly got me 3 charms for my bracelet and then this which is like the best thing ever right now!

I'm now back home home, which is Leicestershire. I love being home, it's so nice to chill out and not do anything. I know this makes me sound lazy but until you live away from home you don't realise just how much stuff you have to do by yourself! My parents have also put me on Mums car insurance which is amazing, I've not driven in two and a half years so it's such a great feeling having some freedom and not having to rely on public transport! I've been over to see my best friend this afternoon and took her for a spin. She's coming over on Monday with her boyfriend for a BBQ so hella excited for that. Apart from going out on Tuesday night i plan on 100% chilling out, big style!


Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Seeing as it's the fashion show tomorrow i thought I'd show you the shoes I'll be wearing! As I've been wearing them all day i can tell you they are so amazingly comfy! I've not really had a chance to wear them for a long time until today so i was a bit unsure whether I'd be able to feel my feet when i took them off but I'm pleasantly surprised. I splattered some gold paint on them to bring it in with my collection, but i do plan to do a detailed nebula print when the show is all over.

Anways, if you fancy getting your hands on a pair you can get them from Ebay and from this seller. This is the same place where i got my Alexander Wang bag so i highly recommend them! They have some really lovely designer inspired items.

I've put a 15% discount on my shop with the code 'FASHIONSHOW' for two days only! Not available with add space*

(I wont bore you with fashion show deets because it's stressing me out far too much! Sorry to anyone who follows me on Twitter)


Monday, 23 May 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

This is my favourite casual outfit at the mo! H&M top, Primark sequin beret (both from a couple of years ago) some jeggins from Vero Moda and then leather bracelets from my shop. I didn't really want to do anything today; I’m quite enjoying spending my days doing nothing. But I decided to go the post office to post a couple of orders I had forgotten about and bought some bits for tonights dinner (spaghetti bolognaise).

I've ordered a print of my collection for my stand at uni (it cost me a small fortune) and it's supposed to arrive before 1pm tomorrow. If it doesn't I’ll be angry considering i paid £13 for special delivery! It also means i should have a couple of hours to put it all up tomorrow and then finish it Wednesday morning before the dress rehearsal. I should have gone in to do it today really but in my opinion it’s a waste of train fare. My Look Book arrived on Saturday so that’s one less thing to worry about. I’ve felt so disheartened with a lot of things to do with my uni in the past week that in all seriousness I really can’t be bothered with the fashion show on Thursday. I am however looking forward to seeing my parents and Matts Mum.

I’m going home on Friday for 6 days and I’m so excited! I’ve not been home for a while now, nor have I been back by myself in about a year. In fact I’ve not been away from Matt any longer than 3 days since March last year. That’s absolutely mental when I think about it! I’ve made plans to see my friends and catch up with old ones so I’m really looking forward to that, I’m being put on my Mums car insurance too which is really helpful considering I live in the middle of nowhere.

Most of you have noticed, maybe some haven’t but I finally have a new layout! It literally took me HOURS to decide how I wanted it and I think this was about the 5th design I came up with. But I absolutely t love it, it’s so fresh, clean and a lot easier to navigate. Massive thanks again to Lauren for her amazingly HTML skillz!

Also, I know I’ve said it before but thank you again to ANYONE who’s said something lovely about my collection, you seriously have no idea how much it makes my day!


Saturday, 21 May 2011


I know the whole Aztec trend has been around for a couple of years now but I’m seriously in to it at the moment. I find myself searching on the online stores for Aztec pieces that will easily fit in to my wardrobe. I think the patterns and colours are perfect for spring and summer and is a trend I can see being around for a long time yet!

I hope you like the pieces I’ve chosen! Just click the number to see it in store.
The nails are done by the amazingly talented Effiesmakeupbox!


Friday, 20 May 2011


Feather earrings are from my shop!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011


It actually feels like forever since i last did an outfit post! I think it kinda shows too. I'm not a massive fan of these photos; i think it was a mix of having to rush to take them, trying a new make up look and totally forgetting how to 'pose'!
However i do 100% LOVE this outfit! This blouse is still one of my all time favourite buys and is featured in my favourite outfit post. I got sent these shorts from AX Paris which was totally wonderful of them to think of me! You've probably seen them in New Look. They are beautifully made and have a suede like feel. The only thing i will criticise is the sizing. Now i know I'm not the smallest of girls, but i know for a fact that I'm no bigger than size 14 on the bottoms, and quite a lot smaller around the waist. So my advice is if you want to buy them get a size bigger! I do love them and hopefully now I'm back on the diet they'll soon fit me a lot better.

Thank you all SO SO SO much for all the AMAZING comments I've had regarding my collection. I feel like you guys have been with me the whole way through and it's so amazing to hear what you think! I'm thinking about giving myself a summer project and making replicas of the skirt to sell in my shop. They'll be custom made with the fabric of your choice. But that's just an idea at the mo, no sure if I'm going to go with it.

Even though I've finished uni I've been in every day so far this week and will be in again today. I'm taking photos for my lovely models mini collection and hopefully* putting up my stand for the invigilator and open days at college. It's also ONE week tomorrow until the fashion show. It looks like i finally have my models (me being one of them) and we have rehearsals tomorrow. Oh and I'm still doing my Lookbook, seriously it never ends!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monday, 16 May 2011


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so exciting!! So this is my collection, in person. I know they're mega small but i REALLY wanted to show you them how they are meant to look. But you can see a bigger picture here! She did lots of other pics for me wearing the shop items because i also have to do a Look book! So I'll probably post some more pics of nicey posey cutey ones if anyone wants to see?! To be honest I'll probably post them anyways cos I'm so so so proud! I can't explain how nice it is seeing them like this and it's made me so happy! Massive thanks to my model for being beautiful and fab!

So that's it! End of my 18 year education and it feels damn good!!


Saturday, 14 May 2011


So today i popped in to town to post the latest shop orders and to return a couple of dresses to Primark. I didn't really want to buy anything (even though there is so much i want atm) but as soon as i walked past this little beauty i knew it had to be mine! I don't actually own a tan bag, i think the whole Alexa trend kinda killed it for me. But i think this is just so sweet and the perfect size for the necessities. I think I'm going to go back and get some more colours when i have some pennies! It was only £5!

Sorry again for the total lack of interesting* blog posts. I know outfit posts seem to be the most requested so I'll be back in to the swing of things blog wise from now on, I've got a new pair of amazing shorts from AX Paris to show you! I'm also going to give the blog a bit of a make over and get a new layout so I'm really excited about that. Thinking about dropping the scrabble theme as well, but still un decided. If you have any blog post/video requests feel free to get in touch cos I'm planning on spending a lot of time sorting it all out over the next few weeks. I need to have a good clear out of all my stuff before i move so keep an eye out at the blog shop too!

I handed in the bulk of my uni work in yesterday after about 2 hours sleep the night before. I still have odd collection bits to finish and my sketchbook this weekend but I'm feeling good about it. I had to spend £50 on ink and paper today for the smallest amount of stuff needed for hand in, I'm absolutely gutted. I've run out of transfer paper too! So annoyed. I might have to mission in to town tomorrow morning. Last night was the first night i slept through without waking up (wow i sound like a baby) since about Christmas! I've also managed to put my back out and I'm in agony. I think I've 100% been running on adrenaline for the past few weeks because now the end is in sight I've totally crashed and burned!

Woah essay! Anyone else excited for Eurovision? Trash tv, i love it!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


(Sorry about the water marks, i just don't want to see my work uncredited)

So here it is guys, this is my galaxy themed collection I've probably been boring you senseless with. Obviously these are just my illustrations (flickr has lost a bit of quality, they look better in person!) but I'm pretty confident my garments look like this and so it's a good representation. But I'm having my photo shoot on Monday so it'll be good to have photo versions of the real thing.

My deadline is on Friday and so far i have outfit 5 100% done. I still have top stitches, hems and waist bands to do on a lot of them and then put together the first dress. But I'm feeling good, I'll get it all done no problem.

I've been working on this for half a year now so it's so nice to actually see them side by side and see how I've progressed. I feel as thought I've come a really long way and whatever my grade I'll be proud of the fact I've made a 6 piece collection by myself.

So what do you think?! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Sunday, 8 May 2011



I've just been browsing some online shops whilst i gear myself up for about 14 hours of uni work and i just had to do a post about New Look. I know i mention them a lot, but I'm seriously so in love with all their shoes at the mo. I don't wear high shoes a lot, i used to wear them all the time until the whole flat shoe trend came in and I've kinda never gone back. But it's something i want to start wearing more. I probably could of made this post so much longer but i won't bore you with it, I'll just show you my favourites!

Are there any shoes you're totally lusting over right now? I always find when it comes to summer time i just want to buy new shoes all the time!


Friday, 6 May 2011


New shorts from Primark, they have a paper bag waist and I’m still a little unsure on them at the moment. I've teamed them with a H&M vest and Primark cardi from YEARS ago. I’m so loving these bracelets, I seem to be wearing them everyday.

So sorry for being a crappy blogger this week, i think this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging in months and it's been like 4 days?! Thank you for sticking with me, boooo to the peeps who haven't! But anyways, I guess there's not much point in blogging as it's a little bit samey at the mo. In all honesty nothing interesting has happened and I’m still loosing my mind to uni work and wearing leggins with a tee pretty much everyday! But the end is in sight. So excited to show you all my work! I've Tweeted a couple of pics here and there but I think I’m now going to wait until the photo shoot to show you the whole 6 outfits! I’m still after models for my fashion show so er any takers?!

This is the earliest I’ve been in from uni all week so I’m going to get on with some more work and then sort out shop orders to be posted tomorrow. I’m still waiting for new stock. Our postman seems to have disappeared as for the last 3 weeks we’ve had no parcels. I think between us we’re waiting for about 5?! I think I’ll have to give them a ring tomorrow.

Don't forget my giveaway ends this time next week!

Enjoy you weekend peeps!

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