Monday, 23 May 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

This is my favourite casual outfit at the mo! H&M top, Primark sequin beret (both from a couple of years ago) some jeggins from Vero Moda and then leather bracelets from my shop. I didn't really want to do anything today; I’m quite enjoying spending my days doing nothing. But I decided to go the post office to post a couple of orders I had forgotten about and bought some bits for tonights dinner (spaghetti bolognaise).

I've ordered a print of my collection for my stand at uni (it cost me a small fortune) and it's supposed to arrive before 1pm tomorrow. If it doesn't I’ll be angry considering i paid £13 for special delivery! It also means i should have a couple of hours to put it all up tomorrow and then finish it Wednesday morning before the dress rehearsal. I should have gone in to do it today really but in my opinion it’s a waste of train fare. My Look Book arrived on Saturday so that’s one less thing to worry about. I’ve felt so disheartened with a lot of things to do with my uni in the past week that in all seriousness I really can’t be bothered with the fashion show on Thursday. I am however looking forward to seeing my parents and Matts Mum.

I’m going home on Friday for 6 days and I’m so excited! I’ve not been home for a while now, nor have I been back by myself in about a year. In fact I’ve not been away from Matt any longer than 3 days since March last year. That’s absolutely mental when I think about it! I’ve made plans to see my friends and catch up with old ones so I’m really looking forward to that, I’m being put on my Mums car insurance too which is really helpful considering I live in the middle of nowhere.

Most of you have noticed, maybe some haven’t but I finally have a new layout! It literally took me HOURS to decide how I wanted it and I think this was about the 5th design I came up with. But I absolutely t love it, it’s so fresh, clean and a lot easier to navigate. Massive thanks again to Lauren for her amazingly HTML skillz!

Also, I know I’ve said it before but thank you again to ANYONE who’s said something lovely about my collection, you seriously have no idea how much it makes my day!



  1. Aaah you're a babe Vic ;) I have a similar sequin beanie hat (actually more of a beret now that I think about it!) from River Island, which is so cute, yet I never wear it. So exciting about going home this weekend, I hope you have a laaavely time (: xx

  2. I really, really love that sequinned beret! I tried a Topshop one last year, but I wish it had suited me as much as it suits you!

  3. Oh, I hope you do post the fashion show of your designs on here! I'd really love to see it, as it's very lovely, Victoria! Congrats on that, again! Hope the stress wears off by the end of the week, darling.


  4. I have a hat like that but I look ridiculous in it! have fun at home xxx

  5. Gorgeous simple outfit the beanie really makes it so much more unique and stylish - love it.

    Congratulations on the collection all your hard work truly paid off :) and enjoy your time at home!


  6. exept the hat, this is actually what one of my classmates has wore today, haha

  7. awww you look lovely victoria :] xx

  8. Love the simplicity of the outfit, also it gives off a very French vibe that I love.

  9. I love this outfit, very French chic.
    Your new layout is brilliant too xx

  10. love how simple this outfit is - looks super comfy too. loving the new layout too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  11. Love the outfit! And the layout revamp is fab too!

  12. I want jeggings. Kthxbai.

    As for your collection, I know how working on something for uni for so long and putting your heart into it makes something so meaningful. Congratulations on finishing and on a job well done. I know it couldn't have been a cakewalk. :)


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