Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Seeing as it's the fashion show tomorrow i thought I'd show you the shoes I'll be wearing! As I've been wearing them all day i can tell you they are so amazingly comfy! I've not really had a chance to wear them for a long time until today so i was a bit unsure whether I'd be able to feel my feet when i took them off but I'm pleasantly surprised. I splattered some gold paint on them to bring it in with my collection, but i do plan to do a detailed nebula print when the show is all over.

Anways, if you fancy getting your hands on a pair you can get them from Ebay and from this seller. This is the same place where i got my Alexander Wang bag so i highly recommend them! They have some really lovely designer inspired items.

I've put a 15% discount on my shop with the code 'FASHIONSHOW' for two days only! Not available with add space*

(I wont bore you with fashion show deets because it's stressing me out far too much! Sorry to anyone who follows me on Twitter)



  1. I looove them! I also really like your new layout:)xxx

  2. Haven't been on here for a while, uni work has been stressing me out too but it's such a huge relief when its all over so look forward to that! The blog is looking lovely btw, and good luck with the show :)

    Stacey x

  3. Ooh I love those shoes, great idea adding the paint. I love little details like that and I bet everyone else will at your show! Good luck!!

  4. I love what you have done to these shoes, can't wait to see them with even more paint :) you'll have to share how you did it haha xx

  5. I'm a new follower on your blog and i really like reading your posts! these wedges are killer! love em.

  6. The gold paint gave already amazing shoes so much personality!

  7. Don't apologies for tweeting about that! I personally love hearing about everything that goes into putting a show on, it's truly amazing! I hope I can experience something like that someday, even the nerves! Anyway, I love that your shoes tie in with your line! SO cute. I hope it went well and I'm excited to see pictures!


  8. these are so cute! I have a pair of my own and they are so comfy too, i wear them everywhere.

    I love the new layout of your blog - please check out me and my sister's blog. We're just getting started and need some support!

    George x

  9. These are awesome. Im liking the new layout / colour scheme.

    Helen, X

  10. I love them!! x


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