Tuesday, 29 March 2011


[1.] Topshop Palette - I saw this palette in the sale for only £2 down from £11. I bought it for the blush, which I absolutely love. It is such a bright pink so you really don’t need a lot. It’s very long lasting too. The eye shadows are a little to glittery for me, but the white is a lovely blending colour. You can’t get hold of it anymore (I don’t think anyway) but I would deffo say get your hands on a blusher if you can! (I've found a palette on Ebay if anyone fancies owning one too!)

[2.] Elf blusher brush – Really lovely brush for only £3.50. I was really surprised with how good it is. I’ve been using it everyday since I got it.

[3.] Stila eye shadow in Devi - Really nice basic brown colour, I do like a smokey eye so this is perfect if I want something a little lighter than black. It blends really well, and a little goes a long way. The price of these vary from each online store.

[4.] Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation – I bought this foundation last moth, I had always used a clinque one but I fancied a change. It is very pricey at £31 but it is amazing. It’s fantastic for evening out skin tone and it has a lovely finish. I would recommend it for a high end foundation.

[5.] Beautyuk Lip lust in Playboy - A really lovely gloss with a sponge like applicator. It’s a really nice pink and doesn’t have too much shimmer which is a big plus for me! They are £2.99 and I think they are great value for money.

[6.] Elf eyebrow kit - I seriously cannot recommend this kit enough, it is so perfect. I tried out a MAC pencil last month and I hated it, it was so not worth the £11 I paid. This however, is only £3.50 and I now swear by it. It’s brilliant and lasts all day.

[7.] Beautyuk liquid eyeliner in pearl - I really like the brush with this eyeliner, it’s really small so its easy to apply. It has a slight shimmer to it which is nice, I tried it with silvers and blacks and it gave it a nice finish.

[8.] Miss Sporty mascara – I had previously bought a more expensive mascara which turned out to be rubbish; I don’t like spending a lot on mascaras because I like to change them regularly. So this one is perfect for me at the mo, it gives good coverage and with the help of curlers it makes my lashes look really healthy.

I'm going to do Fridays Face using just these products!


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lookbook / Chictopia

This outfit is what a spent a couple of my ASOS voucher codes on. It is by far my favourite outfit at the mo, i absolutely love it. I'm really pleased i finally have some trousers in my wardrobe. They fit like a dream and it's given me a lot more confidence in future trouser shopping. I'm also wearing this ring and it's from a really cute store called Gift Girls, they have really lovely pieces on there so i seriously recommend you checking it out. You'll be falling in love with it all!

Yesterday i finally completed my dissertation. I never thought i would see the day, and i can tell you what a massive relief it's been to finish it. I currently have family members checking through it and making sure it's all ok for hand in on Monday. It's made me feel a lot better about the other work i have and I'm feeling motivated to get myself well and truly stuck in. This is also the reason i didn't attend the blog meet up today, i need to throw everything in to getting my degree from now on. I'm well on my way to starting my collection too, my aim is to have all my mock ups done and dusted by the end of next week then roll on dying, bleaching and paint splattering to come up with a collection like this.

I'm planning on doing another giveaway for when i reach 2000 lovely readers. But I'm finding myself picking up items already! So I'm thinking about doing one in the next few weeks. I can't think of a better way to say thank you for all your support and lovely comments on here and on Twitter. You're all so fab! So what do you guys think... Should i wait? What would you like to see?


Friday, 25 March 2011

I was in a bit of a rush this morning, and didn't get chance to put my make up on/take photos for Fridays Face. So as my birthday is now only two weeks away, i thought I'd do a little wish list post. I'm not even that excited to be honest, i think after turning 21 birthdays will just never live up. But i am looking forward to seeing my family and my ladies. I just want to mention that i probably wont get any of these, it's more a case of if money is no object and if i want to treat myself...

[1.] The first item I've chosen is a pair of black wedges i found on Ebay. I've been lusting after them for ages, and I'm really tempted to treat myself. But then i have to ask would i wear them that much?! They are fab though!

[2.] I got an engraved charm bracelet for my 21st, and I've been really bad and not kept up with it. I'd really like to add to the little collection i have. I've been meaning to get a scissor tattoo for ages (i have my reasons) so maybe I'll start by getting a charm first!

[3.] My friend has this and it's AMAZING. I was so impressed when i tried it, deffo gotta get my hands on my own one!

[4.] Loving trousers so much at the mo! I've already linked to these bad boys before, so as you can still I'm still eyeing them up.

[5.] Alexander McQueen (along with Vivienne Westwood) is my all time favourite designer. Everything about him fascinates me, i would love to have a book filled with his collections.

[6.] An amazing bracelet, and it needs to be on my wrist! I anyone knows anywhere where i can get a replica from then please let me know. I'm gutted i missed it being £67 on Net-A-Porter.com!

(click the number to see each item)

(I still have a 22% discount in place at my Shop. Just use the code VIP22 at the checkout!)


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Andy and Chiara

I'm totally loving this block trend going on at the moment, I'm a big fan of keeping outfits simple and so this trend is perfect for me. So glad to see the collection i did last year fitting in this season. It's so nice to see something a little bit different for this time of year too, i must admit i was getting a bit sick of floral prints and pastel colours. I'm especially loving bright coloured trousers, I've even bought some blue and terracotta ones from ASOS.

You can get some block coloured trousers from Zara. Gotta love that place for having the best trousers at an affordable price!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Lookbook / Chictopia

This is the new shirt i got a couple of weeks ago, it was from a charity shop and i just love it. It fits so lovely and i think it's really flattering. I can't get enough of my bodycon skirt either! It really is a one of my favourite buys at the mo!

Student finance rang me earlier, and very long story short, my application has been 'randomly' selected for resubmission and it now stands that i don't get enough to cover my rent, or live by the looks of it. They had no excuse for doing this, nor for doing it 8 weeks before i finish. So as you can imagine I'm pretty stressed about it, and currently want to jack it all in.

The best thing about today was that i got to spend the morning with my Dad (who I've not seen since Christmas.) It was so lovely seeing him, and i actually miss him so much already. It's only another 3 weeks until my birthday, so that means it's not that long until i see them both again. I'm also down in London that weekend for my cousins baby shower which i am so so so excited about!

Another good thing about being 22 soon is that I've added a 22% discount in my shop. Just add the code VIP22 at the checkout and the discount is all yours!

I should be at the bloggers meet this Saturday, unless my uni work decides to complicate my life some more. I'm really rubbish with remembering names/faces so please say hello to me and introduce yourself! I'd love to know who's coming along so please let me know that too... <3


Sunday, 20 March 2011


So yesterday myself and Matt took a trip to Hull to mainly visit the aquarium. But we also had a look around some of the museums and art galleries too. We walked a lot and even had to run across Leeds train station to make our second train home! But it was so worth it because we had a really fun day! I wore my new ASOS trousers out for the first time (they are meant to come up to my shin, but i'm really small so they fit like ordinary trousers!) I like them that much Matts bought another pair in a different colour for me for my birthday <3 anyway="anyway" are="are" br="br" fishes="fishes" here="here" i="i" of="of" pics="pics" so="so" some="some" the="the" took...="took...">

We stopped for a cake break in one of the galleries and i can't even explain how yummy it was!


Friday, 18 March 2011

You can do your bit for Red Nose Day here! <3


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bit of a different what i wore post today, i thought it would introduce my friend Rosina! We're in the same class at uni, and lived together for two years so she really is a bestest! She's from Durham (near Newcastle) so in order for her to come to uni easily, she stays with me once a week! As it was her 21st a few weeks ago we thought we'd go out for some cocktails on Tuesday night and this is what we wore. She's rocking one of my dresses too, which i think I've only posted about once before. Yes i am that pale, and she is still supporting a tan from her recent holiday. She's wanting to start a beauty blog/youtube channel and she's fab at it all. (See my make up) so hopefully you'll see her about soon!

It's been a bit of a crappy week uni wise, i ended up breaking down in the middle of my classroom yesterday and then every time my tutor looked at me i just started crying again. It was very embarrassing, but i guess i needed to do it because i felt a little bit better afterwards. (Obviously rather it happened when i was on my own though!) I've also been messed about by student finance, this is the LAST loan I'll ever get from them and they've decided to change my application. At the moment i won't even be getting enough to even cover my rent. I'm absolutely fuming and i hope they sort it out soon.

All my goodies from ASOS have arrived, and I'm actually so happy with them! It's usually a bit hit and miss with ASOS but I've got to admit I'm pleasantly surprised. I've bought this (in blue) this annnnddd this. I still i have another £40 left to spend so i'm thinking about getting another pair of the trousers in a different colour!

So pleased to hear all your faux Alexander Wang bags are arriving! Can't wait to hear what you all think. For those who are looking to buy one too, you can get them on Ebay from this seller!

I'm really looking forward to Saturday, myself and Matt decided to get out and do something so we're going to go to Hull and visit The Deep Aquarium and I'm really excited about it! Hopefully we'll be able to use our cameras and get some good pics!

Ohhh and before i go, another friend of mine has finally decided to upload audios of her singing and playing guitar on her Tumblr. She's actually really shy when it comes to doing this, so the fact she's done it has made me smile a lot! I think she's going in with Matt to college on Monday to record some stuff too! So exciting!


Monday, 14 March 2011

’I am going on a weekend away to the countryside and I don't have a clue what to wear, I'm a size 12-14 and it's supposed to be sunny/Cloudy/dry, any ideas of what I can wear without looking to try hard?!’

[1] [2.] [3.] [4.][5.][6.]

I wasn't going to blog today, but when one of my ladies asked me for some help i thought I'd turn it into a blog post to maybe help out some of you with a similar problem. I wanted to pick some items that wouldn't break the bank, wouldn't take up much room and can be easily dressed up and dressed down. Perfect for spring/summer!

Do you have a style related question?


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lookbook / Chictopia

This dress is the purchase i made from the New Look sale last week. I'm still undecided about it, it feels lovely on, and i love the colour but it deffo makes me look bigger than i am. I had to put a belt around it too because without i looked like i was wearing a tent. But hey, for £7 i guess it does the job! (I've not died my hair, it's just the lightening and the fact i had some product in there)

How amazing is my new ring?! I'm so excited to show you! It's propa blingtastic and literally goes with everything. It's from an online store called Boho Boho and they have loads of different items to choose from, and everything has free UK postage. I'm going to buy this bracelet when i next have an online splurge! They have a really cute trend section too, so if you're looking for key pieces head that way!

I went in to town today to post the latest scrabble orders. I couldn't get over how busy town was, like it was seriously busier than Christmas time. I can't stand people that just stop in the middle of the path/shop. IT'S LIKE HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE AND MOVE! I managed to get a couple of tops from Primark to go with my new ASOS purchase i made with the Groupon voucher everyone has been tweeting about! I have another £40 to spend too thanks to Matt buying them for my birthday which is in a month. (I want to stay 21 forever!)

I finally have an online store now for all the goodies i make and sell! So if you ever want anything pop along there. I'm also going to be adding items to my blog shop later on this week.

Hope you're all having a fab weekend! I'm so sad to hear about the awful events that have happened in Japan. Really hoping things get a little easier for them soon!

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