Tuesday, 29 March 2011


[1.] Topshop Palette - I saw this palette in the sale for only £2 down from £11. I bought it for the blush, which I absolutely love. It is such a bright pink so you really don’t need a lot. It’s very long lasting too. The eye shadows are a little to glittery for me, but the white is a lovely blending colour. You can’t get hold of it anymore (I don’t think anyway) but I would deffo say get your hands on a blusher if you can! (I've found a palette on Ebay if anyone fancies owning one too!)

[2.] Elf blusher brush – Really lovely brush for only £3.50. I was really surprised with how good it is. I’ve been using it everyday since I got it.

[3.] Stila eye shadow in Devi - Really nice basic brown colour, I do like a smokey eye so this is perfect if I want something a little lighter than black. It blends really well, and a little goes a long way. The price of these vary from each online store.

[4.] Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation – I bought this foundation last moth, I had always used a clinque one but I fancied a change. It is very pricey at £31 but it is amazing. It’s fantastic for evening out skin tone and it has a lovely finish. I would recommend it for a high end foundation.

[5.] Beautyuk Lip lust in Playboy - A really lovely gloss with a sponge like applicator. It’s a really nice pink and doesn’t have too much shimmer which is a big plus for me! They are £2.99 and I think they are great value for money.

[6.] Elf eyebrow kit - I seriously cannot recommend this kit enough, it is so perfect. I tried out a MAC pencil last month and I hated it, it was so not worth the £11 I paid. This however, is only £3.50 and I now swear by it. It’s brilliant and lasts all day.

[7.] Beautyuk liquid eyeliner in pearl - I really like the brush with this eyeliner, it’s really small so its easy to apply. It has a slight shimmer to it which is nice, I tried it with silvers and blacks and it gave it a nice finish.

[8.] Miss Sporty mascara – I had previously bought a more expensive mascara which turned out to be rubbish; I don’t like spending a lot on mascaras because I like to change them regularly. So this one is perfect for me at the mo, it gives good coverage and with the help of curlers it makes my lashes look really healthy.

I'm going to do Fridays Face using just these products!



  1. So gutted the topshop palet has sold out, but definitely want to get my hands on the chanel foundation

  2. I tried to get that palette from Topshop but it sold out before they could despatch it :(. Glad to hear the eyeshadows are too glittery though(sorry-ha) but thats why I wanted it so much.
    Lovely products otherwise, might have to get the ELF eyebrow kit too been looking at for ages, wondering if I should buy it.

  3. I love knowing what make up people use! People always ask me what I wear, must do a similar post soon!

    I really wanted this Chanel foundation but at the end of last month I was skint so had to get Revlon! Next time! X
    Burn the Blonde

  4. I really like that mascara, good stuff for the price!

  5. I love seeing peoples makeup purchases! I'm thinking of getting the Chanel VLA foundation but I'm not sure as its so pricey, so looking forward to seeing it when you do a friday face.x

  6. That Topshop palette looks gorgeous. I'm currently using a Miss Sporty mascara too and it definitely compares favourably with more expensive ones. x

  7. Make up porn, love it!

    So jealous about your Topshop bargain.


  8. I have the elf blush brush too, but for me its not quite the right shape for blusher. I do love the quality though so I'm going to try and find some other use for it! x

  9. I adore the ELF eyebrow kit too- can't believe how cheap it is! Was really happy when they released it in ash as is perfect for my brows! x

  10. Ooooh I've been wanting to try the new Chanel foundation, it's good to hear your loving it, I may just have to give it a go.

  11. That Topshop palette looks well lush, I actual love their makeup range and the packing is so cute ( great bargain).

    Now I want to makeup shop :( haha

  12. Totes ordering that ELF brow kit when I get paid! xx

  13. I was thinking of treating myself to a proper nice foundation for my birthday. Thats good to know you rate that chanel one :) choosing the right foundation is such a daunting process! xx

  14. Gonna' try the Elf eyebrow kit, keep hearing good things about it :) Love the Chanel Aqua foundation too x x

  15. I bought the same palette and the blush is amazing! I definitely need to experiment more with the eyeshadows though

    Maria xxx

  16. This all looks good to me! I've got a Miss Sporty mascara on the go at the mo, the 'Pump up' one, its all cloggy n all - this one must be better! x

  17. Ooo such a nice list of products! The topshop palette looks very nice especially the bright blush.
    And it's official I'm ordering this brow stuff from E.l.f!
    This was such a cool post you should definitely show us more of your makeup and varnish! :) x

  18. Ooooh I love makeup posts;
    I've been dying to make an E.L.F order ever since I found out about the site eons ago. Their products get such good reviews, can't wait to order something from them <3

    xo sequinlegs.blogspot.com


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