Sunday, 19 July 2020

The Secret World of Slimming Clubs

It's January 2019 and an email popped in my inbox from a producer from Secret Recordings network asking whether I'd be interested in potentially being a part of a new podcast in the pipe lines about slimming clubs and diet culture, something which I have many years of experience with. Fast forward a few emails and weeks later, I'm in the studio recording a pilot episode with my fellow hosts, Jo & Katy.

This was 58 episodes ago, and we're about to hit 1million all time listens. So, let me tell you all about The Secret World of Slimming Clubs...

We are not a diet podcast, we're not going to make your jeans fit better, we haven't got a recipe to make kale taste great, and we won't be spreading lies about a magic pill that will give you a thigh gap. But join us as we take you behind closed doors in the village halls and church rooms where we've spent so many of our evening, and we will tell you the truth about the struggles of trying to get to target weight in a hilarious and honest way.

We have a new episode for free every Thursday, extra portions for our patreons on Mondays and if you sign up you'll also have access to our fortnightly zoom groups which is mainly the podcast in video form, but we encourage eating and drinking! We're all active on socials, @secretslimpod, and we even have a Facebook community page where we chat with our listeners too!

Being a part of this podcast has quite frankly changed my life. It's been a weekly constant in everything that's happened over the last 18 month, through my break up, redundancy, being in hospital, getting better and finally throughout this entire pandemic. It's been a sort of therapy and a place where for half an hour I can completely forget about what's going on around me. Over the past 4 months I've been recording from home which has been challenging at times, but we've made it work (although I can't wait to get back to the studio...eventually!) and I know for so many people it has been like hearing from friends weekly in what has been an incredibly difficult time for a lot of us and i will forever be proud of that.

Find The Secret World of Slimming Clubs wherever you listen to your podcasts and whether you're slimming or synning, there's no shame in a gain! Hit that target? Check out these women dressses.


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