Friday, 3 July 2020

A Simple HELLO Could Lead to a Million Things...

Hello, hi, uhm, remember me? To say I've neglected my little corner on the internet has been the understatement of the century. I never thought I would fall out of love with something which was such a big part of my life, but I've come to understand that love is a fickle game and it really can go in an instant. But with that being said, I'm a hopeless romantic and perhaps love can return. So here I am, trying to reignite the flame for this blog and start it up again.

I started blogging in 2010, which means I spent my entire 20s sharing details of my life with strangers and strangers that became friends. I have done a lot, lived through a lot, lost weight, gained weight, had my heart broken more than once, lost friends, made even better ones, made memories to last a lifetime, cried on the kitchen floor, laughed until I couldn't breathe, partied until sunrise, traveled, took too many photos and loved, and boy did I love hard. My 20s were for finding myself, figuring out what I wanted and my 30s are for achieving that and this is where you'll find me, with a life saving scar too, but I'll tell you all about that another time.

When we last spoke I was in a long term relationship with the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. 10 months ago that chapter of my book ended and I've been on the battlefield of dating ever since. Seriously, you won't believe the stories I'm going to tell you, but that's a whole series I need to finish writing.

What can you expect from 30 something Victoria? Well, she's still just as fabulous as 20 something, but maybe a little more tired, certainly rocking more grey hairs but less likely to take shit from people. She's my favourite version of me so far, so I hope you enjoy what she has to say! You'll be able to read about how I almost didn't make it to 2020, my dating life since September, Slimming World and the podcast I'm on (The Secret World of Slimming Clubs) and of course how my blog started, fashion, beauty & lifestyle and of course a random mix of topics thrown in.

So, welcome back or hello if you're new, you're about to join me on my wildest ride yet and I'm SO excited for it



  1. I'm excited to hear about your dating stories! A few grey hairs are nothing to worry about and it's great to see you so well after your awful ordeal at Christmas xx

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  2. As someone who did read you when I was a twenty something, I'm happy to see you back! x

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