Wednesday, 22 November 2017

I keep doing this don't I? Disappearing from here without any explanation! Sorry about that. I do stay pretty active on Twitter & Instagram though so I don't completely disappear off the internet. I have SO many posts lined up to be posted, a list as long as my arm of photos to take and some exciting events coming up which I'm looking forward to share with you. Christmas is my favourite time to share content so now seems a pretty good time to dust off the cobwebs on my laptop and finally say hello and give you a little update on what I've been up to... 


She did it! On 26th October 2017 my beautiful best friend married her love in the most intimate of places surrounded by family and friends. So many happy tears flowed that day and it was just simply magical. I was so honoured to be by her side and I'm very revealed to say my best woman speech went down well! It was such a great day and I'd love to live it over and over again. Can't wait for our next #Bridesquad reunion!


Towards the end of last month, my iPhone decided to give up. At one point I had lost all of my photos (including ones I'd taken from the wedding) it was a very stressful few days let me tell you! Luckily I'd somehow got them back and after a manic iCloud update it did eventually turn itself off for the last time so I decided to just go out and buy a brand new one, I have a fairly good rolling contract so it just made sense to do it this way. Obviously I had to buy a new case and I feel in love with this sparkly space number and I LOVE IT! It's only £3.99! I also needed a new coat as my other started literally falling apart at the seams and this New Look one is everything I wanted. I also bought this cosmic bag from New Look too. Seeing a theme yet?


Yesterday I headed a couple of hours south to finally meet Tamsin and Grace. Peterborough is pretty much half way for us both so we thought it would be a good place to spend a couple of hours together! After speaking regularly for over a year and numerous of phone calls a week it was so lovely to finally meet in person and of course meet baby Grace too, who is just a dream! It was such a lovely girly day and any day which includes day is a fine day by me!

And here's a few...

Songs I've been loving:
 Camila Cabello - Crying In The Club, Stefflon Don - Hurtin' Me &
Things I've been watching: The Walking Dead, Secret Life of 4 year Olds and my LOVE The Secret Life of The Zoo.
Items I'm lusting over: These boots, this bracelet and this dressThings I'm looking forward to: A day trip to London on Tuesday with Daddy Price! I have no idea what we're doing as it's a surprise but I'm very much looking forward to it, finally getting our log burner fitted in a couple of weeks (it was meant to be in September but we've had a problem with our chimney) and finally, my annual Christmas/New Years meet up with my bestie over cocktails 

Until next time...

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